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1972 AC Cobra 5.7L V8 Replica (Cobretti)

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  • Mileage~7,000
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • Engine5.7L
  • LocationWaltham Cross


1972 AC Cobra 5.7L V8 Replica (Cobretti)

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Dom Ginn
Professional Consigner

The AC Cobra is an icon, with its unmistakable silhouette, these replicas offer a great entry route into ownership.

The Cobra was designed as a proper driver's car, with Carroll Shelby asking AC to make a modified version of the body allowing him to fit a Ford V8 into the Cobra, it has become an automotive legend. For an original Cobra in today's market you would be looking at a 7-figure sum as they are so rare, just over 1,000 Cobras were built. The rarity and prices of an original led to companies offering replica versions to the market.

This car was built by Cobretti, a Surrey based company specialising in producing these beautiful replicas. Under the bonnet lives a feisty 5.7L small block Chevrolet V8 with four barrel Holley carbs and Edelbrock air filter. It was built by the company as their show car for the 1992 NEC show, and stayed with the original owner for some ~20 years.

This auction listing was written from information supplied by Dom after meeting Steven the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

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Secure Auctions

We verify all our sellers and buyers to keep our community safe whilst also providing the highest levels of website security.

Full Transparency

8 out of 10 people that buy cars via our service don’t feel the need to visit due to the transparency and thoroughness of our listings.

Vehicle Delivery

We're there every step of your buying journey and will even arrange pick-up and delivery of your new vehicle.

Meet the owner

You gotta love these Cobra's, V8 power in a lightweight shell, proper pocket rockets.

Steven has only owned the Cobra for ~2 months, after being lucky enough to win the car on a giveaway website, he told us he loves everything about the car.

The original owner of the car was the owner of a Hot Rod shop, owning it for over ~20 years as a bit of a showpiece item in their collection. He has enjoyed his short time with the Cobra, however he doesn't have the proper storage for keeping it long term, so decided it's best it goes to someone else to enjoy.

Vehicle Owner

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The AC Cobra has a bold, brutish style, there's nothing else like it.

Wheels and Tyres

The 15” split rim wheels looked to be in good condition, only the left rear had a little bit of corrosion on the outer lip.

The wheels were wrapped in a matching set of BF Goodrich tyres, all the tyres seemed to be in good condition with plenty of tread left on them.

Please have a look at the photos and video below to asses the condition of the wheels and tyres for yourself.


The bodywork looked to be in good shape, we noticed a small bit of damage on the rear drivers side wheel arch. Panel gaps seemed to be good, with the doors and bonnet sitting as you would expect. We noticed a little bit of corrosion on the underside of the car, nothing major though.

We've highlighted in more detail our observations through our hi-resolution images and videos, so please take time to look through all the media files for a detailed view at what’s on offer, and for you to assess the condition of the car for yourselves.


The silver paint looked to be in good condition with no noticeable scratches, we did notice a few stone chips on the front end, as you would expect from a car being driven as intended. Overall the paint did look in good shape.

The images are taken from a few different angles to show off the car as you would see it if you were standing there for yourselves. So please take the time to fully assess these hi-resolution images and videos of the car, for you to make up your own minds about the condition of the paint.

Glass and Trim

The glass looked to be in good condition too, we didn't notice any chips or cracks in the windscreen.

The roof looked to be in good condition too, and this car comes with a tonneau cover which also looked to be in good condition as pictured.

Please view the photos and video below to review the condition of the glass and trim for yourself.


A pop of bright red leather and carpet catches your eye and is a great contrast to the exterior.

Seats and Carpets

The red leather adds a nice contrast to the silver paint. The seats looked in good condition, the leather showed a bit of age and there were a couple of marks on the bolster of the driver seat. The cream piping breaks up the red.

The Cobra features red carpets too, they also looked in decent condition, on more open parts such as the centre console and behind the seats the colour seemed to be a little faded from the sun most likely.

Please take a look at the photos and video below to decide on the condition of the seats and carpets for yourself.


The Cobra features a simple dashboard, with some gauges and switches, it is covered in red leather too, which also looked to be in good condition.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick

The three pronged steering wheel, with wooden rim, looked in good condition with very little wear show. The gearstick, which has the Cobra logo on top, also looked in good condition. This Cobra is fitted with an automatic gearbox.

Please take a look at the photos and video below to check the condition of the steering wheel and gear stick for yourself.


A 5.7L V8 and stiff suspension give the Cobra a proper race car for the road feel.

Engine and Gearbox

The V8 fired into life at first attempt, it didn't seem to miss a beat while out on the road either. The automatic gearbox paired to the 5.7L V8 seemed to be very smooth shifting with long gearing. The car seemed to run well, we didn't hear any unusual noises whilst on the road.

Please take a look at the cold start video below to see for yourself the performance of the engine and gearbox.

Suspension and Brakes

The Cobra features fully independent suspension, with adjustable shock absorbers, currently set up with a stiff ride but it did handle any bumps we came across with ease.

Four pot callipers with vented discs, the brakes felt responsive, and stopped the car well, with no shake from the steering. The rear brakes are inboard for better weight distribution.

Please take a look at the on the road video below to see how the suspension and brakes performed.

The Drive

Whilst out on a drive with Steven, we witnessed the car driving well, great performance from the V8 with smooth shifts.

Electrics and Other

All the electric components seemed to be functioning as expected, Steven assured us everything was working. We did notice the fuel gauge swinging around a bit whilst out on the road, perhaps due to the float level.

History and Paperwork

A UK built AC Cobra replica from Cobretti, this car features a 5.7L V8 pushing out ~300BHP and presents great value for a thrilling OTS experience.

The car comes with receipts for various parts as well as services and MOTs, the car is very low mileage and it seems to tie in to the MOTs. The Cobra is in good condition, it seems to have been well looked after over the years. With the car being built on a Daimler Sovereign chassis from 1972, it is also MOT and road tax exempt having been registered as historic with the DVLA.

Steven will be happy to answer any questions in the comments below.

We’ve done all our usual seller checks including photo ID, V5 and also actioned a HPi check on the vehicle.

We've summarised our own view on the car based on information gained from the seller in the listing above, however, and as you can see, we go to great lengths to photograph and video the car in hi-resolution detail - this has been done for you to make your own assessment from the comfort of your sofa. So please sit back, have a cuppa and take your time to review everything on this listing in order to make your own assessment on the vehicle's condition. Viewings are also welcomed with all our listings, so please get in touch with us to arrange a suitable time - we just need to speak to you first and receive a valid photo ID before confirming.

If there's anything you're unsure about, no matter how small, then please first ask the owner in the comments area below before placing your bid/s, as bids can't be retracted and form a binding contract if you win the car - just like a traditional auction house.

Service History
Date Type Mileage
30.03.2022 MOT 6,650
13.03.2018 MOT 6,027
09.03.2017 MOT 5,820
10.06.2016 MOT 5,720
06.03.2015 MOT 5,359
17.03.2014 MOT 4,467
01.05.2013 MOT 4,074
27.03.2012 MOT 3,959
05.03.2011 MOT 3,817
03.06.2009 MOT 3,764
30.05.2008 MOT 3,534
31.03.2007 MOT 35,355 (Typo?)
20.05.2005 MOT 2,906
04.03.2004 MOT 2,618
28.03.2002 MOT 2,334
21.03.2001 MOT 1,766
01.03.2000 MOT 566
01.08.1997 MOT 52
Key Details
  • ModelAC Cobra replica (Cobretti)
  • Donor Car1972 Daimler Sovereign
  • TransmissionAutomatic
  • Reg. Date18.02.1972
  • CC5,700
  • Mileage~7,000
  • ColourSilver
  • Interior ColourRed
  • Interior TrimLeather
  • Chassis #1U.7581
  • Engine #V1011TMR
  • Last Service30.03.2022
  • MOTYes Valid Until 29.03.2023
  • MOT ExemptYes
  • HPi ClearYes
  • Former Keepers9
  • Tyre BrandBF Goodrich
  • # of Keys2
  • VisitedYes
  • Sale TypePrivate
  • Owned~2 Months
  • Key Feature5.7L V8 Cobretti build replica
  • Auction ID506207

Vehicle Sold

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Hi Steven. I just wondered how snug is the seating if I’m a bit in the heavier side. Thanks. Barry


Hi Steven

I am six feet two would I fit into the car comfortably



Has the reserve been met?


Hi Steven
You might not be able to answer but it’s just puzzling that there are 9 previous owners with only 7k miles, does that include the owners of the donor car? I know it’s not a car for long journeys but it’s an extraordinary low number of miles for so many owners.


Hi Steven, I’m 6’6″ tall. Do you think your car would be comfortable for me, or if it could possibly be made so by repositioning the seat or some other alterations? Thanks.


Hi Steven, have you got any documentation surrounding the ‘giveaway prize’, email or letter from the prize company?


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Waltham Cross

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