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***On sale at £16,000, a beautiful example of a Pre HE XJS V12 Jaguar from 1976

Please contact us on 01926 426 635 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm) and we’ll be pleased to answer any questions about the car and how you can purchase at a classified price of £16,000.

Please read the How it Works page for more information and our Terms and Conditions of sale.



The XJ-S was launched in 1975 as the successor to the popular E-Type.

The early cars from 1975 to 1981 became known as the ‘Pre-HE’ models with 14,800 being built during this time.  HE meaning ‘High Efficiency’ associated with the engine change from 1981.

For many years the later HE variations of the model were the most popular due to engine and styling changes.  Yes it’s weird to think now but no one liked the rubber bumpers!

The lack of consumer love and poor rust prevention of early pre-HE models meant most rotted away, or were scrapped.  A quick search on howmanyleft shows a maximum of 160 licensed cars that may be pre-HE models, however, a good proportion of these will be HE models with the V12 engine.  So a very rare car indeed.





Robin Moss has owned this car for nearly 8 years and used a local garage, G.W.D Autos, to action any necessary work to the car.

This is a UK car and was registered on the 9th February 1976.  And according to the chassis number on the Jaguar Heritage Trust site it’s the 16th car to be produced in that year.

Over the last 8 years Robin has spent over £6,000 in maintenance (see history file) and he has also completed a full respray in metallic black as the original colour was the not so popular Greensand. Robin has stored the car in a dry garage during this time.



As mentioned, the car has been resprayed during Robin’s ownership.  Robin informs us this was over the existing paint and the windows were left in (see the images).  The car is in really good presentable condition with no visible signs of any serious rust.

Wheels & Tyres
The car is fitted with its original Kent wheels.  All wheels and tyres are in good condition as highlighted in the media pack.

All panels are free from parking dents and the shut-lines across the entire car look visibly correct and all doors close evenly.  The usual rust areas (rear boot / sills / lower doors / wings) all look in good solid order.

The paint is in good visible condition.  We didn’t use the paint depth gauge on this vehicle due to the fact its been resprayed.  There are some signs of masking if you look closely due to the fact the windows were not removed during the respray.  Inside the roof gutters could do with some paint correction attention and the front splitter has flaking paint that needs addressing.

Glass and Trim
Glass and trim are all in good order.



The interior is in very good and original condition.  The simplicity of the pre-HE models mean this is a lovely place to sit and drive around in v12 luxury.

Seats and Carpets
The leather seats are in good condition and have been sympathetically maintained keeping that all important patina.   The carpets are in good condition, however, a set of new front mats are required.

The dashboard is in original condition.  The radio has been changed, however, Robin has a period correct radio that the new owner can fit back if required.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Both are original and in good condition as highlighted in our media pack.



The car is on a SORN so we couldn’t drive it out on the main road.  However, Robin informs us there are no mechanical issues to report and the car drives and stops as it should.

Engine and Gearbox
The car started first go from cold (see video) and reversed out of the garage with no issues.  There was no rough running and the engine sounded smooth as it should.  Robin has spent a lot of money on the engine during his ownership, including new injectors, fuel pump, water pump.  The car has also been fitted with a reconditioned torque converter and had the gearbox rebuilt.

Suspension and Brakes
Robin reports no issues with these components and has spent money on new rear shock absorbers, rear springs, rear lower suspension arms.

The Drive
No drive was actioned due to the car being on a SORN and MOT expired, however, you can see a short clip of the car running, reversing out of the garage and more footage in our “Meet The Owner” video.

Electrics and Other
Robin has told us there is some issue with the driver’s window that needs to be fixed.  Also the cruise control is inoperable and believed to be the bellows that need attention; a common fault.



This car is showing just over 60k miles.  Although we can’t guarantee the mileage, we can say the interior and wear on seats and steering wheel does look in line with the mileage of the car.

We have checked the chassis number on the plate and it matches the V5 and the Jaguar certificate; we couldn’t check the engine number on our visit, however, Robin informs us it’s the original engine and gearbox.

MOTs included in the history file and mileage:
– 60,633 miles on 20 Jul 2016
– 60,490 miles on 21 May 2015
– 60,316 miles on 03 Jun 2014
– 60,031 miles on 31 May 2013
– 59,932 miles on 17 Apr 2012
– 52,961 miles on 13 Apr 2010
– 52,689 miles on 22 May 2009
– 52,359 miles on 18 Jul 1992
– 51,963 miles on 16 May 1984

HPi Check Results

Outstanding Finance:
– We have no record of this registration having outstanding finance.

Colour changes:
– This registration has had 2 previous colours, last change from Red on 23 Sep 2016. The registration was originally recorded as Yellow.

Plate Transfer:
– We have no record of this registration being involved in a plate transfer.

Scrapped Exported / Imported:
– We have no record of this registration being scrapped, exported or imported.

Stolen or Destroyed:
– We have no record of this registration being stolen or destroyed.

Insurance Write-off:
– We have no record of this registration being written off.

Mileage recorded on HPI check as follows:
– 60,633 miles recorded on 20 Jul 2016
– 60,490 miles recorded on 21 May 2015
– 60,316 miles recorded on 3 Jun 2014
– 60,031 miles recorded on 31 May 2013
– 59,932 miles recorded on 17 Apr 2012
– 59,932 miles recorded on 11 Apr 2012
– 56,533 miles recorded on 29 Mar 2011
– 52,000 miles recorded on 26 Apr 2010
– 52,962 miles recorded on 13 Apr 2010
– 52,957 miles recorded on 8 Apr 2010
– 52,689 miles recorded on 22 May 2009



I love the XJ-S and have driven many over the years and have one in my collection.  There’s nothing like going on a big road trip in one; an awesome GT car.

The XJ-S has seen an uplift in prices over the past few years.  It certainly feels the car is finally maturing in terms of looks, appreciation and values.

I really believe the pre-HE is the ‘one to have’ in terms of investment potential and can easily see them fetching big money in the next ten years or so.  Just look at the price difference between the S1 and S2 E-Types.

This is a very original car that amazingly hasn’t suffered much in terms of the usual rot and rust.  Could it be because it’s been stored for most of its life and covered 85% of its mileage in the first 8 years (first MOT in history file).

One thing’s for sure, we’ll all be wishing we bought pre-HE models for under £20k in a few years time.




This auction listing was written by Adam from information gained from Robin (owner and seller of the vehicle) and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Robin will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

UsernameBid AmountDate Made
Jagman1£10,200.0025-Mar-2018 20:21:05
garethhall£9,500.0025-Mar-2018 20:12:10
Jagman1£7,900.0025-Mar-2018 20:10:36
garethhall£6,500.0025-Mar-2018 20:01:52
Jagman1£5,500.0025-Mar-2018 19:57:13
garethhall£4,000.0025-Mar-2018 19:50:46
Jagman1£2,500.0020-Mar-2018 14:50:02



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Update 15/03 – auction extended until Sunday 25th March as Robin is unexpectedly out of the country and can’t take viewings until he’s back on the 24/03.


Is the xjs being sold with mot? And is it possible to view on saturday pm ?
Great shame about the paint job thanks simon

Robin Moss
Robin Moss

No mot is present as sorned. From May it does not require an Mot. Also does not require road tax. Current colour is sable black an original colour as standard and looks much better than greensand.

Robin Moss
Robin Moss

You can contact me on 07803015903 to discuss.


Hi Simon… just updated the listing as Simon isn’t in the country this week. So we’ve extended the auction by a couple of days to allow people to visit if they want. So you can organise a viewing on/after 23/03. All the best with the auction 🙂

Robin Moss
Robin Moss

Hello you can view on Saturday 24th.pm. Please send a private message to confirm.


XJS now on live auction – your chance to grab a piece of Jaguar history 🙂


This looks an interesting car. When can we view please?


Hello… not long… we are scheduled to consign the car on the 5th March and it will be on auction that week. If you sign up for our auction notifications then we’ll keep you updated with details and viewing options. thanks Adam


Car is now on auction and Robin is on hand to answer any questions. If you want to arrange a viewing then drop him a direct message. Cheers


What is the serial number?


Hello… sorry we don’t have that just yet. It will be verified / published after we visit the car on the 05/03. Thanks Adam


Hey Andrea… all numbers are now shown on the listing 🙂

Sol Panayiotou
Sol Panayiotou

Hi There,
Before the respray, what was the original colour?
Kind regards


Hi Sol, that’s the only change from factory. It was originally Greensand. We expect to have the full write up with image w/c 05/03. Cheers.


Hi Sol… all details now live…