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Coming soon to auction, a restored and super rare 1976 Jaguar XJ-S 5.3 V12 (Pre-HE) in a stunning colour combination.

Finished in black with tan interior and wearing its original and refurbished Kent alloys, it’s covered just 60,000 miles and backed up with previous MOTs.

When we say rare, we mean rare; there is just one other example for sale in the UK at the time of writing this preview – left hand drive.

Robin, the seller, has owned this car since 2009 and has completed a lot of work including new brakes, new injectors, stainless steel exhaust and full respray.

Robin tells us the car is in beautiful condition with none of the usual rot / rust that’s prone on these early cars. He’s also confirmed the car’s mechanically sound with oil pressure between 1/4 and 1/2 when hot.

Full consignment is in progress and we will be visiting the car soon to take detailed images, videos and action a road test.

Here at Trade Classics we’re big fans of the XJ-S and they really deserve the love and attention they’ve been getting in recent years. The Pre-HE is absolutely the ‘one to have’ as many have rotted away, or scrapped in later years due to the popularity of the HE models. In our opinion, Pre-HE cars are set to explode in value and in terms of model desirability will be equivalent to the S1 E-Type, comparing the HE model to the S2 E-Type. If investment is your thing, then this is certainly one car to put away for 10 years.



Coming to Trade Classics this 1976 Jaguar XJ-S Pre-HE will be up for auction in February, sign up to ensure you get the chance to bid and buy this rare and sought after car.

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This looks an interesting car. When can we view please?


What is the serial number?

Sol Panayiotou

Hi There,
Before the respray, what was the original colour?
Kind regards