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Some features on this Porsche we all love at Trade Classics; air-cooled flat six, the Targa design, and early long hood variant, the mechanical no driver aids driving experience.

This particular model is from 1972, and with this year comes a one year only design feature for the 911 model. The oil tank was moved 6 inches forward to improve weight distribution and an oil filler cap on the rear offside wheel arch. Reports of fuel being poured in via this entry soon put an end to this feature (only to be seen again on Singer designed vehicles many years later).

These early examples of the 911 offer a different experience than I am used to in my ’89, the same connected mechanical feeling but the lighter cars giving a different kind of rawness to the driving experience, some might say intoxicating.



Mark is a ‘Porsche guy’, having owned a number of the 911 models over the years, including another long hood Targa. He bought and imported this particular model from South Africa in 2015 to add to his collection.

He has been using the car, and has mentioned that some of the upgrades such as the sports exhaust, “sounds amazing and certainly turns heads!“. Mark bought the car with the intention of completing the car as a rolling restoration alongside some other restoration projects he is working on.

Due to space and time commitments, Mark feels he will not be able to complete the restoration on the car to the level he would be happy with, and so is looking to sell it on for the new owner to enjoy.



The car is finished in black, having been restored at some point in its life. This is confirmed as the Certificate of Authenticity that states the original colour was Signal Yellow/114.

Wheels & Tyres
The car is currently wearing some cookie cutter wheels which would have been swapped in at some point in the cars life.

Mark has told us that the bodywork is in good condition, and has not mentioned any rust issues.

Again, Mark informs us that the paintwork is good, but in no ways perfect as such.

Glass and Trim
Glass and trim look good from the images Mark has provided so far, and he has told us that are in good condition. However, the OF door window does have some light scratching visible.



The interior is in a matching black colour to the exterior paintwork, and still features the 2+2 seating arrangement.

Seats and Carpets
The seats are wrapped in black vinyl and have been updated to the Porsche tombstone style seats that were featured on later models.

Mark has told us that the condition of the dashboard is poor, we will aim to get some pictures of any wear/defects to the dash.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
The steering wheel shows signs of wear, and gear leaver appears to be a non-original example.



Mark’s 911T Targa has been upgraded from the stock 2.4L engine that was featured in this model, to the later 2.7L engine with triple carbs. Along with this a sports exhaust has been fitted.

Engine and Gearbox
Mark tells us that the power unit is in good condition and runs smooth. It starts within a couple of tries, and as with most air-cooled Porsches, there is often a bit of blue smoke on initial start-up. The car features the standard dog leg 5 speed gearbox. Mark tells us that this is in poor condition and changing gears often results in excessive noise and can be hard to get in to second gear.

Suspension and Brakes
The car drives well from Marks description, as you would expect for a car from the early 70’s, and no issues to report.

Electrics and Other
All important electrics work with no issue, Mark tells us.



Being a car coming from South Africa, there is little history that comes with the sale.

Mark has the MOT’s from his ownership, along with a Certificate of Authenticity. Mark knows that the car spent much of its later life in a collectors garage in Durban, but the history before this is not known. The car was exported from Germany to South Africa as new, and as mentioned above, Mark imported the car in 2015.

The car is showing 51,576 miles on the odometer.



Air-cooled long hood 911s do not come up for sale at this kind of price point often. Mark has very reasonable aspirations on the price of this car.

As was common in the 70’s and early 80’s, the power unit in the car has been swapped out for the later 2.7L flat six, and some other updates completed to the car. Originality may be lost, but the 911 genes still live on strong.

We think this would make an excellent car for someone to remedy some of the niggles mentioned above and run as is, or if you are lucky enough to have access to an original 2.4L engine, then it could make for a very nice investment proposition when worked back to stock configuration.



This auction listing was written by Kulraj Singh Salh from information gained from Mark (owner and seller of the vehicle).

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Mark will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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