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Launched in 1992 with a relatively short production run until 1995, the Porsche 968 was the last iteration of its line of trans-axle water-cooled front-engined cars (quite a mouthful there).

Sharing much of its styling with the luxury tourer the 928, the 968 was actually the entry level model in this range, and featured a new 3.0L in-line 4 cylinder engine capable of producing 237 BHP. The engine had some very new developments for Porsche such as VarioCam timing system that later went in to the flat six engine of the 993 911.

A total of 12,776 of the 968 were produced, and although the production run was small, the car has its own following among enthusiasts.



This lovely example of a 968 belongs to Julian, who is now looking for it to go on to a new home.

Julian is a journalist with a penchant and passion for the automotive world. He writes for Porsche Post amongst other titles, and so has wanted to enter the world of Porsche ownership for some time.

He decided that he’d take his first step in to the Porsche Club with a 968 from the trans-axle family, and use it as a stepping stone to acquiring an air-cooled 993 911 in the future. His particular car has been photographed and featured in a few magazines, and he’s taken the car on a few road trips to the north of England.

Julian’s situation has changed somewhat now though, and with the fact that he is not using the car as much as he would like, he’s taken the decision to sell the car with the hope of getting back in to the Porsche owners world with a 993 in the future.



Finished in the Porsche colour of Cobalt Blue Metalic, with very little trim across the car to disrupt that striking colour, the car looks great.

Wheels & Tyres
The car sits on “Cup” wheels with Toyo tyres across the front and back. As Julian said, “The Carrera Cup tyres set off the look of the car”. Take a look at the media to see the good condition of the wheels.

The body of the car looks in great condition, and during our inspection we didn’t notice any rust or rot across the car. The panel gaps and shut lines of the car all looked correct and no issues in and around the removable roof panel.

The blue paint really suits this car, it looked great when we took it out for a quick drive. We didn’t observe any stone chips along the front of the car, and only 2 small imperfections that you can see in the video review; some imperfections in the lacquer on the off-side front wing, and some small light scratches near the off-side door. The car would benefit from a thorough mop and polish, but the paint is in good condition being even and consistent across the car.

Glass and Trim
All the glass and trim across the car was in good condition.



Finished in grey leather, with matching grey carpets, the interior presents in very good condition.

Seats and Carpets
The leather seats have deep bolsters that are just what you need when you are giving the car a spirited drive. The leather on the drivers side bolster does have a tear as pictured in the media, the rest of the leather across the car is in very good condition showing little sign of wear. The carpets match the condition of the seats, looking clean and tidy.

The dashboard looks in great condition, the dials being fresh, and the various switch gear across the dash all looking good.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
The steering wheel looked in good condition, in line with its age, and finished in matching grey leather. The gear stick is also wrapped in matching leather and shows some wear across it, as detailed in the video and photographs.



We went with Julian on a quick run around the local area to test the car was working as it should, it was a nippy little drive in the fresh winter sun.

Engine and Gearbox
Cold start was no problem for the car, no smoke observed from the exhaust and starting first time. The car went through all 6 gears without issue too.

Suspension and Brakes
Through the local London roads, the car handled the rough/uneven surface without fault.

The Drive
A great little drive through the area, the exhaust sounds great, a very deep rumble, and the car pulled us along without issue.

Electrics and Other
Julian informed us that everything on the car works as it should. The boot release button has a typical issue of this generation of car, but it opens fine with the key. We observed a clicking noise that was coming from a relay or solenoid when cold in the HVAC temperature control system.



Julian bought the car a year ago, and with it came an extensive history file, documenting all the mileage as you can see below. We’ve uploaded all the history that details lots of care and attention that has been paid to the car over its life.

The car is showing just over 111,440 as of 17.01.2019.

HPi Check Results
– HPI check in progress.

Mileage Records
– 28.08.2018 – 110,947 miles – MOT
– 25.08.2017 – 108,921 miles – MOT
– 29.07.2016 – 108,646 miles – MOT
– 09.07.2015 – 108,129 miles – MOT
– 23.04.2014 – 107,258 miles – MOT
– 13.03.2013 – 105,311 miles – MOT
– 14.02.2012 – 103,170 miles – MOT
– 07.06.2010 – 103,021 miles – MOT
– 16.03.2009 – 102,267 miles – MOT
– 12.03.2008 – 100,840 miles – MOT
– 07.03.2007 – 98,988 miles – MOT
– 06.03.2006 – 95,321 miles – MOT
– 08.03.2005 – 91,261 miles – MOT
– 19.03.2004 – 86,936 miles – MOT
– 03.09.2003 – 82,961 miles – MOT
– 07.09.2002 – 76,492 miles – MOT
– 30.08.2001 – 71,839 miles – MOT
– 31.08.2000 – 67,400 miles – MOT
– 31.08.1999 – 61,550 miles – MOT
– 26.08.1998 – 56,070 miles – MOT
– 27.08.1997 – 49,120 miles – MOT
– 29.08.1996 – 37,056 miles – MOT
– 31.08.1995 – 27,451 miles – MOT
– 24.10.1994 – 22,515 miles – Service
– 05.01.1993 – 12,280 miles – Service
– 06.10.1992 – 2,738 miles – Service



The last of the trans-axled cars of this era, the 968 along with the 928 finished a production run that almost changed Porsche’s history. Although Porsche continued to build the rear-engined 911, things could have been very different because of these front engined well balanced cars.

They weren’t produced in large numbers, and their looks (you can’t get bored of those pop-up headlights) being so different from the rest of the Porsche range, they have a real standout appeal.

With their own unique following, and good examples with history hard to find, we think this car is a great example for someone to snap up that’s looking for a 968.


This listing was written by Kulraj Singh Salh from information gained from Julian the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Julian will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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