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*** Private Negotiated Sale ***

We have been approached by the owner of this very rare car, a private collector in France, to negotiate a successful sale on his behalf. Due to the rarity of this car it won’t be offered by auction. Instead we will work with you and the seller through a period of due diligence to satisfy both parties, whilst also negotiating a mutually agreeable sale price. Based on the level of interest and serious intent of potential buyers may mean that our due diligence could involve a site visit to where the car is stored in France.

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This is a very special car, the Porsche 911 Carrera RS N/GT, only 290 of this model were made. So what is it for those that don’t know, well in essence, you take a sports car, then a variation of that sports car that is track focused, and you make it even more race ready.

The RS was already lacking amenities like air-conditioning, electric windows, some of the sound deadening, and rear seats. The N/GT went even further; all carpeting and sound deadening removed, a roll cage and a long range fuel tank fitted, Nomex covered seats rather than leather. With all the carpeting removed, plywood was fitted for the footing of the driver’s footwell, yes you did hear correctly, plywood. This is a hardcore car.

To further add to the performance of the 911, the RS N/GT features: lighter magnesium wheels, aluminium bonnet, thinner glass, a lightweight flywheel coupled with a close ratio gearbox, limited slip differential. And to further show how this is a car ready for the road and track it also features: FIA spec seats, engine cut-off toggle and fire extinguishers to hand in the cabin.

One car to ‘do it all’.



Roger is based in France and acquired this car in 2016. Since then he hasn’t really had the opportunity to use this car much at all, and he is just the 2nd owner of this very rare car.

As with all of the N/GT variants, the car is LHD, and it is located in Besançon in France.

During Roger’s ownership he has had any work required on the car completed by MJ Technic in France.



The car is painted in Guards Red, a proper Porsche colour. Roger had the car repainted within the last couple of years, and he tells us that the car is in excellent condition as can been seen in the images he’s supplied to us.

Wheels & Tyres
From the pictures provided, we can see that the wheels are in good condition. As mentioned earlier, the car features magnesium wheels to keep the weight down, and they have been clad in Bridgestone Potenza tyres.

The bodywork looks to be in very good condition from the media that has been provided.

The paint across the car looks consistent from the images that have been supplied to us, and the colour looks a strong and deep Guards Red.

Glass and Trim
Everything looks to be correct from the images provided.



Most of the cabin is devoid of what you would call interior with the focus on weight saving. Take a look at the images for detail.

Seats and Carpets
The FIA spec Recaro seats and 6 point harnesses look to be in good order. No carpet in this car, but the substitute plywood for the driver’s side looks as it should in the images.

The dash looks good, with the instrument panel looking fresh, and featuring things such as the engine cut-off toggle.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
The steering wheel shows some really heavy signs of wear, but the gear stick and gaiter look in good condition.



As previously mentioned, Roger has not used this car much at all in his two years of ownership. Prior to his ownership, the car has been regularly serviced by a Porsche approved garage. Take a look at the service book stamps and intervals below.

The car is showing 88,788km on the odometer.

HPi Check Results
– Our own HPi check is in progress.

Service Book Recordings
– 08.05.1995 – 4,150km
– 15.03.1998 – 15,500km
– 20.03.2000 – 35,000km
– 04.03.2002 – 52,500km
– 07.03.2004 – 75,562km
– 18.07.2006 – 77,500km
– 18.07.2008 – 84,000km
– 05.05.2009 – 84,414km
– 08.01.2010 – 85,743km
– 21.02.2012 – 88,000km



This is a very rare car, and opportunities for collectors to purchase these do not come up very often.

Porsche are a different class now when it comes to marketing, the amount of buzz that was generated by the 911R was amazing. This car when launched really went relatively unnoticed, and as a result now demands a much higher premium to acquire.

If you are a discerning follower of Porsche, and this car is of interest for your collection, then please contact us to take the discussion forward and make owning this car a reality.



This auction listing was written by Kulraj Singh Salh from information gained from Roger (owner and seller of the vehicle).

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Roger will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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