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£ 12,500

Here is another one of my split screen Kombis just imported from Brazil. The vehicle is customs cleared and ready for a new UK registration (or elswhere in Europe). The loading space is empty, without seats etc. so can be easily fitted with camper van equipment.

The pictures have been taken in Brazil where I was test driving the Splittie for about one week. The actual after-arrival condition is unchanged: the van is fully driveable (just tried it on a residential road), with sound engine and everything functioning as it should (apart from speedo and fuel gauge). The bodywork is quite nicely restored, no rust, many new parts, and the paint is fine. Must admit that refurbishment in Brazil was not super-professional (hence I rather prefer to say "partially restored" and the price is according to it) however it could easily last for some time before being an issue so for now you could easily add the interior of your choice and away you go for quite some years.

Mechanically there is nothing you can seriously object to as well, despite typical extensive play on the steering rack (same problem in both). Some adjustments must be done to the gear lever and gas pedal.

You are welcome to view / test drive the van in Chelmsford, Essex. A UK-wide delivery is possible at a small additional cost. Please ask about the price if you want the vehicle to be shipped to any other place in Europe.

If necessary all spares, new or 2nd hand can be supplied.

More pictures on d
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