By Tom Brett
24th September 2020

Ridiculous Car Names

We live in a world now where companies are under pressure to make sure their branding and naming conventions are attractive to the customer, not only this, you cannot offend anyone under any circumstance and marketing teams of today sometimes don’t ‘click’ as much as they would have liked, leaving them hanging their heads in shame with potential palms to the face.

I have made a list of some absolutely ridiculous names given to cars in recent history – I mean, really?

The Ford Probe

The Ford Probe was a liftback coupé produced by Ford, introduced in 1988 and produced until 1997. The Probe was the result of Ford’s collaboration with Mazda. This particular photo looks stunning and I wouldn’t mind..

But sorry, what exactly are you probing? Is it the next junction ahead? The car ahead of you? Me?

Honda Life Dunk

The first generation Honda Life is actually a little stunner and most enthusiasts would love them as a little runaround! But then things just seem to have taken a pretty big dunk in 2001.

Life has taken a pretty big dunk recently hasn’t it? Not a 3-pointer in the net at Madison Square Garden to win the play-offs, no way! I’m thinking more you slip off the Olympic standard diving board and belly flop straight into the pool, that’s how I feel life is now! Potentially Car of the Year 2020 should go to this fine example?

Mazda Scrum Wagon

Okay, must admit when I glanced over this I thought it said something a hell of a lot worse, leave that to you to imagine though. With a 658cc engine capacity, I think an under 16 rugby team could out scrum this thing! The Scrum Wagon also looks to be the perfect example to fall sideways in comfortably.

Nissan Homy Super Long


Those rims look great though and a nice colour for a sunny day in California maybe?

Studebaker Dictator

Introduced in 1927, Germany, I don’t think they knew what was just around the corner, did they? And did sales go down or up in Germany?

Regardless, the internet has provided me with a great looking example. Perhaps rebadge to the ‘Studebaker Merkel’, or is that just as bad?

Nisaan Carisma

All this car is missing is a bit of glitter, some eyelashes and tassels! Carismaaaa!

Vauxhall Adam

Adam is just one of those names that… I’ll stop there.

Mitsubishi Minica Winky

The predecessor of the Vauxhall Adam, definitely the more desirable! Oh no, didn’t stop!



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