Competition Comparison

The table below shows all the main auction companies, both online and traditional that manage classic vehicle sales to the UK market. Importantly there are no companies listed that only operate fixed time ending auctions, e.g. eBay, as these services don’t realise the true value of high end classic vehicle sales.

This table shows the fees and commissions that each house charge and their revenue gained from an example £30,000 hammer price.

The final column shows the combined buyer/seller saving made when comparing to our service.

Remember we operate the most secure and technically advanced processes as we verify both sellers and buyers, together with visiting the car to include our own description summary. We spend at least 6 hours effort on every car we list to create the best videos, images and content to secure the highest price.

The higher the auction house revenue, the more it impacts the hammer price and both the cost to the buyer and final money to the seller.


Auction Fee Comparison

**Compiled July 2017**