About Us

Trade Classics launched in 2011 as a free classic car classified site, together with regular article publications by freelance petrolheaded writers.  Fast forward five years and we spotted a gap in the market to provide a new auction service dedicated to the classic car industry.

We love classic vehicles and our goal is to ensure they realise their full potential in our secure auction rooms and go to new loving custodians.



Adam Purrier

Chief Executive Officer

Adam is passionate about two things; digital technology and classic cars.  They say do what you’re passionate about the rest will follow, so back in 2011 Adam set up Trade Classics as a new digital platform to publish classic car articles and classified vehicle sales for free.  In late 2016 Adam spotted an opportunity to produce a totally new and technically innovative online auction service with buyer and seller security at its heart; importantly allowing vehicles to achieve their true worth.

Over the past 15 years Adam has successfully run his own digital businesses servicing over 10 thousand users a day at the peak.  More recently he has held senior IT directorship positions in household brands responsible for £10 million+ budgets and departmental resources.  Adam has fused his digital technology experience with his love of classic cars to produce a unique service that rivals the very best of traditional auction houses in the UK.

In his spare time Adam loves to travel and more recently travelled on a round-the-world trip, he has also found time to complete some serious road trips including around New Zealand, most of Western Europe and even coast-to-coast across the U.S.

There is one problem though, Adam never sells his cars and he currently has around ten scattered in rented garages near his home. A few of the highlights include a guards red 1985 Porsche 911 Turbo (930 model), a beautiful and totally original 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera Sport in black, a 1968 Series 2 E-Type fixed head coupé with a manual box, a modern Porsche 911 Carrera S (997 model) and even a 2000 Jaguar XK8 coupé.  What’s his daily driver I hear you say, well that is a 2002 Ford Focus Mk1 (great for trips to the skip) and a little Vespa ET2 for around town in the summer.


Kulraj Singh Salh

Chief Operating Officer

In early 2017 Kulraj officially joined the team and brings a wealth of digital experience with him as he’s previously held senior digital marketing positions in companies including BSkyB and Com Hem based in Sweden. Kulraj spotted the unique service Adam and the team were building and wanted to be a part of it.  So much so he’s left the corporate world to concentrate full time on growing Trade Classics Auction Rooms in line with its 3 year / £5 million strategy to be the largest and most respected UK auction service for vintage and classic cars.

Kulraj and Adam met back in 2012 whilst both working at BSkyB.  At the time Kulraj was in charge of eCommerce marketing on Sky.com and Adam was responsible for IT delivery to the site that transacts each week over £20 million in revenue and services over 10 million customers.  Even amongst all that pressure they found time to become good friends with their shared passion for classic cars.  It was only natural that one day they would use their senior corporate experience in the classic car sector.

In his spare time Kulraj loves travel, fashion and photography; he’s recently moved to shooting in 35mm film too.  Check out his Instagram account (@kulrajsalh) below to see some of his stunning digital and film images from his recent travels around the world.

Of course to be part of the team Kulraj has to be a true petrol head, and he is,  he currently owns a stunningly beautiful 1989 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Sport that he drives at any opportunity and his daily driver is a rare and purposeful Alpina B10.  Oh and he’s just bought a very lovely little 1971 Fiat 500 to use around London in the summer months.  We all have our little ways don’t we?  Well Kulraj’s is he’ll buy any classic car after a massive amount of research but only so long as it’s in blue!


Mike Atwal

Director of Content

Mike joined Trade Classics in 2015 and now heads up the journalism and copywriting team that publishes articles, site content and auction descriptions both directly on our site and social media platforms.

Mike has many years’ experience in the classic car sector as for over 8 years he was the General Manager of the Classic Car Club in London and responsible for a fleet of over 100 cars worth multi-million pounds. So there’s not much Mike doesn’t know about makes, models, maintenance and idiosyncrasies of these old cars.  He’s the ‘go-to-guy’ whenever you have a problem and usually dispenses better advice than any other forum website! He’ll quite happily talk to you all day about common and not so common overheating issues on a S1 E-Type and how to diagnose / solve them.

Kulraj was a member of the Classic Car Club in London and became good friends with Mike whilst enjoying the benefits of driving many of the 100+ classic cars in the fleet. Of course it wasn’t long until Adam became involved too and the rest is history.

Mike’s owned and driven a wide range of cars; in fact we don’t think there’s a classic car Mike hasn’t driven, or got deep technical knowledge about. So from them all, what’s his most favourite cars? Well he does go weak at the knees for a 1970s Aston Martin V8 Vantage, he also has a strong affinity for a Jensen CV-8; you can read a recent article Mike’s written on the unique car here.

Mike’s current garage includes a very beautiful 1997 BMW 840ci Sport for the weekends that he’s owned for nearly 10 years.  What’s his daily driver we hear you cry, well that’s also a BMW, a stunning 645ci in the only colour to have, black. He’s already scouting for his next classic car and it’s likely to be quite different; we’ll keep you updated with what he chooses.


James Boscarini

Creative Director

James is the newest addition to the Trade Classics team, joining us in 2018 as Creative Director. He’s the brains and the beauty behind the stunning videography that goes into our auction listings, as well as the content we put out for our passion alone.

He has been working in the creative industry for 12 years and over this time has developed skills across the full creative suite. Starting out in graphic design initially where he learnt his technical skills, James then moved on to professional photography and videography; predominantly working with cars. For the last 10 years James has worked with Apple in their illusive Creative Training division, bestowing his knowledge and skills onto others.

James is another addition to the Trade Classics team that has come via the small tight network that built around Mike at the Classic Car Club. Having been a member there at the same time as Kulraj, the two of them driving a Rolls Royce Corniche through central London in torrential rain with no idea of how to put the roof up firmly put a stamp on their friendship.

His love of cars came at young age, partly because of his Dad’s influence and also his love of Tamiya RC cars. Cars are a big passion of his, but being a creative, James also has a number of other passions/collections… Model railways… Paul Smith Design items… Lego! What can we say, he fits the stereotype of the creative genius to the T.

James has had a love for Minis for a long time and has been lucky enough to own and show various in the form of both Mini Cooper S and Morris Cooper S too. Being a car guy, he also has a love for Porsche and BMW, both from a technical and design standpoint. He’s currently got a John Cooper Works R53 and is on the hunt for a Paul Smith 98 (some would say to match his bright outfits!).



February 2018 – we love to get out and about and meet like minded classic car enthusiasts, so here’s a video from the latest classic car event we exhibited at; ExCeL’s London Classic Car Show.

We met some great people across the weekend, including a few classic car celebrities that you can see on our instagram feed. It was a pleasure to talk cars with everyone, and the great feedback and reception we received around our classic car sales and auction service.

The show itself was a great event to attend too, with some amazing historic cars parading down the grand avenue, driven by some real motoring legends. We had our own star of the weekend, the big red 1985 Porsche 911 Turbo!



Let’s change the world?

Well perhaps not quite the world, but at least let’s start with the classic car auction industry.

It’s no secret, we have a super aggressive 3 year / £5 million plan to become the premier classic car auction service in the UK with the lowest fees – we will make this happen, no compromises.

We’re here to disrupt and rewrite the classic car auction service for the good of sellers, buyers and the market.

If you understand what makes us unique (we shouldn’t have to tell you), you get goose bumps about the technology and service we’ve built and importantly share our vision and passion, then we’d love to buy you a coffee and talk about how we’re going to change the world together.