By Kulraj Singh Salh
18th May 2019

Front-End Web Developer

Job : Front-End Developer
Department : Technology
Basis : Perm or Freelance

Job Summary

We’re looking for a front-end developer to work with us on some major and exciting improvements to the customer experience on our website.

In summary, we have big plans to make our auction experience the best on the web – that’s no lie and we’re already investing heavily in UX/UI before making any code changes. To make all this come to life we are now looking for an enthusiastic person to join our development team that has a passion for more modern technologies, for example Angular and React – this is because we want to give our users the most streamlined and dynamic UX possible.

Along with some big changes to the auction experience, we have a backlog of small tweaks to work through too – we are always iterating and improving.

The success of our service depends on how we make it easy for classic car enthusiasts to connect, and the auction experience on our website is a big part of that. We have lots of content that make it easy for customers to make a purchase decision, delivering that content to them in an efficient and engaging way is key, which is why we are looking for people with a passion and experience in newer technologies.

About Us

We just love classic cars; it’s this passion which fuels all of us here at Trade Classics.

As a business, everything we do is underpinned by two key traits:

  1. Our genuine passion and enthusiasm for classic cars.
  2. The transparency and honesty with which we operate all aspects of our business.

We are always looking to give our customers the best experience, and to keep improving it, we have some big plans with our website. You can see what our customers think of our service already, take a look at our Google and Trustpilot reviews to see what people say about us.

About You

If you are interested in the latest web development technologies, and have a passion and pride for pixel perfect execution, then you’re just the type of developer we are looking for. We are happy and used to working with a lot of flexibility (remote working and hours), and from our own professional experience we prefer to work within standard agile methodologies, so if you like delivering value in your work iteratively then we’ll work well together.

If you love classic cars like us, then that’s a massive bonus. We could talk for hours on end about our stories and road trips, which maybe wouldn’t be the most efficient way to work, but you’ve gotta love what you do!

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