I want that car“I want that car” is a new TV programme that will be broadcasted on ITV4 from October to our teleboxes, and personally I can”t wait as it”s amazing news for us used and classic car fans because it will feature real cars and their potential buyers – well done ITV.

Now we all love Top Gear, it”s super popular the world over, but it”s more of an entertainment show featuring premium cars that are out of most peoples” reach.  The idea of this show is simple and great because it”s what I would call a “proper” car show, i.e. more people will be able to identify with the buyers in the episode and might even persuade some reluctant potential classic car enthusiasts to follow suit and make a purchase too.

There will be two buyers in each show with a fixed budget, one buyer will be “trading up” and the other will be a new buyer looking for their first car.  Then the presenters, Mat Watson and Rebecca Jackson will find three of the best examples for the budget and give the buyers an option to choose two of them.  They will then test drive both cars before deciding on their favourite with the “buy or not buy” question at the end – if they choose “buy” then Mat or Rebecca will call the seller and make the best deal possible.

Like most of you I”m sure, I”ve only seen the trailer adverts on ITV4, but they show a Porsche 911 (996 Mk2 Facelift); Porsche Boxter; original Mini; Porsche 964; BMW Z4 and what looks like a Ford Focus or Fiesta.  I have also read that the first episode features a guy called Darren Smith with £18k in the bank to buy a tasty car – sounds like that could be a Porsche 911 contender if you ask me.

Also in the first episode a buyer called Alex Balagojevitch is looking to purchase a car with a budget of £5k – not bad for a first car – mine was £500 and used it to buy an old Mini!

It would be great to see the presenters, Mat Watson and Rebecca Jackson, sourcing cars from dealers and auctions as well as private sales.  There are a lot of great bargains out there at the moment on dealer forecourts just waiting for a bit of hard haggling / negotiation skills.

The proggramme will be shown on ITV4 each Wednesday from 9-10pm and will run for 10 weeks from the 2nd of October.  I”ll post updates on this blog as we go through the weeks and would love to hear your comments on the show too – don”t forget you can tweet me at @trade_classics

So really hoping for a good down-to-earth programme featuring real people looking for their dream (or everyday) cars on the used car / classic car market.  This show has the potential to be a great programme for all of us petrol heads to enjoy and perhaps get our juices going to start looking for a first or new addition to a car collection!

ITV4 are giving us enthusiasts some real treats this year.  I”m currently addicted to Magnum P.I at the moment and lusting after that beautiful Ferrari 308 in every episode!  Now that car would be in my dream garage!  Slightly off topic – what would you top 5 dream garage be?  Just drop me a comment below – mine would be: Ferrari 308; Fiat 500; Porsche 911 Carrera4 (993); Jaguar Etype and a late 80s Mercedes 500SL.

Emma x

PS I really hope they don”t copy Wheeler Dealers and try to convert GBP to $ on every value within the show – that was so annoying and pointless.  Surely a simple ticket-tape on the bottom of the screen would have been a better solution, e.g. “£1,000 is $1600 at current exchange rate” rather than bumbling two prices in conversation!  Just my opinion there – now off my soap box 🙂


Emma Jones
This article was written and published by Emma Jones.  Emma works for Trade Classics as an in-house journalist and copywriter and has many years” experience in the classic car sector.  Why not write a reply on this article below – she”d love to hear your thoughts on her thoughts!Also, don”t forget to check out the classic cars for sale here on Trade Classics.Google

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