By Mike Atwal
5th March 2020

Cult Turbo Charged Classics

A turbocharged car should be a thug… part of a forced induction cult that used to strike fear both inside and outside the cabin.

Turbocharged cars back in the day were exciting, exclusive and raw. Turbo lag kept you on your toes and “boost hits” provided a dose of happy chemicals in the brain!

You see, these days manufacturers are fitting turbos willy nilly to any engine. And they are too refined. The single turbo or turbo gang under the bonnets of modern day cars are not thugs anymore.

A turbocharged car that is viscously fast, makes no excuses in looking the part and flexes its muscles with lots of turbo charged noise is something left in yesteryear.

And thus we are bringing yesteryear into 2020! The Trade Classics team has been busy selecting collectable turbo charged gems, that are not only exclusive in their own right, but exclusively available through us.

Just look at this fire breathing monster of an RS Turbo. Any modern Fast Ford would be overshadowed by this aggressive, motor sport derived, sacred turbo beast.

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When it comes to old classic BMW’s it doesn’t get much rarer than a turbo version…especially one born in the early 70’s with less than 1800 identical siblings.

Enter the mighty 2002 Turbo. This is pure Bavarian naughtiness at its best!

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And a few quick tips for keeping a turbo at its best; always let the engine oil get up to temp before you give it some and after you’ve been using the performance of the turbo, let it cool by being gentle for the last few miles of the journey; letting the oil cool the turbo down to stay healthy.

Always put the windows down in tunnels. And remember to blip the throttle for no reason to show off.

Join the cult and relive the real glory days of fire breathing, spitting, crackling, dump valve chattering and whining. I don’t mean your passenger by the way. I refer lovingly to the big metal snail under the bonnet; a sacred one at that.

We will be bringing you yet more hand picked cult classics very soon.



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