By Mike Atwal
14th November 2019

Alloys and Coffee Tables

I feel like starting a wheel collection for all the cars I want and simply can’t buy. Get the wheels, and perhaps the car will naturally follow, the law of attraction and all…

The invention of the wheel goes back such a long way that I’m too scared to put a time frame on it, but I will be bold and make a claim. The set of wheels upholding all four corners of a car can make or break its overall appeal.

Look at these iconic examples from Jaguar, Ferrari and BMW…

Car wheel design has evolved leaps and bounds over time. Intricately detailed wire wheels sporting a single wing nut became an icon of the past and the era that reserved the positive tick against “16 inch light aluminium wheels” only for top trim in manufacturer brochures is long left behind.

Even the spare wheel, the epitome of being prepared for a long journey across a continent, died out as run flat technology, tyre foam and weight saving took hold.

These modern examples epitomise our contemporary tastes of today… less is more, style over substance.

As browsing for shoes is to a fashion conscious soul, I have a weak point for perusing alloys. I’m always ogling M Parallel alloys for my 8 series through to drooling over a set of quintuplet Ford Pepperpot alloys. Then I remember I don’t have a Sierra. But, from a coffee table, to stacking them up as bar stools through to simply having them displayed in my apartment as art, I’ll make great use of any rims I buy. Remember the car might even follow after all.

Am I border line mental or a budding car collecting genius?