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*** UPDATE: This car has now been sold for £14,310 all inclusive ***

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With only around 450 registered cars currently on UK roads, the MGC GT is fast becoming a rare British sports car. Built from 1967-1969, just over 9000 cars were produced.

The concept was simple; take the innovative MGB chassis production, but replace the 1798cc four-cylinder engine with a bigger 2912cc straight-six.

The result was a car ideal for grand touring, with some subtle design differences incorporated to accommodate the larger engine; a distinctive bulge in the bonnet to allow clearance for the larger radiator, and a tear drop bulge to allow for clearance for the twin carburettor arrangement.

This particular car was built in 1968, and has some factory fitted optional extras like the 4 speed manual gearbox with overdrive, and has also had other upgrades detailed further below.



This lovely MGC GT has been in John’s possession for 6 years, and in that time he is lucky enough to have been on some really memorable trips.

John’s taken the car on various marque of friendship rallys with the MG Car Club, as well as taking the car down to Lake Geneva for a concours event (2016 Concours d’Elégance Suisse) where it won in it’s class of 1960s car.

He’s enjoyed the car as mentioned above, but due to a lack of use over the last 2 years John is parting company with the car now. In his own words “I’m just the temporary custodian, and it would be a shame for the car to just sit unused”.

Over his ownership, John has serviced the car regularly with his close friend David Jenkins of Jentree Classic Cars. Prior to John’s ownership the car had a number of upgrades completed which are detailed later.



The car has been restored over it’s life, details including a respray are in the extensive paperwork images, and in Johns ownership the Sebring bumpers were added to the car to complete it’s rally-esque appearance.

Wheels & Tyres
The car has been fitted with 15in period correct steel racing wheels by Dunlop, and wrapped in tyres by Firestone. There are no signs of uneven wear, pictures of all wheels and tyres in the images section.

The bodywork is visually free from rust, with the car being dry stored at all times. Shut-lines across the car look even, and have been detailed in the video footage.

The red paint is in good visible condition, with the respray having been completed some 10 years ago. A few imperfections were noted, as you would expect with a car that has been used; a few tiny chips in the paintwork on the bonnet, some cracking of the paint on the underside leading edge of the bonnet, a small chip in the paint on the bodywork at the bottom of the boot entry.

Glass and Trim
Glass and rubber trim all looked in good condition.  Other trim such as some of the chrome on the petrol cap and boot handle have some pitting as you would expect with the age of the car.



The cabin in this MGC GT is in great condition, with a few upgrades over the years.

Seats and Carpets
Carpets are in good condition, with MG mats included. The seats have been upgraded, and actually come from an Aston Martin Lagonda to allow more comfort on longer trips. There are visible signs of wear on the large drivers side upper bolster.

All gauges look smart and in working order. The clock trim looks original with lots of patina.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Both are modified from the original car. The steering wheel a large wooden period racing piece with lots of patina, and the gear knob an ergonomic leather wrapped number.



The car has been modified over the years to make it a much more impressive GT car than the original MGC. Details are included in the images of work completed, to highlight some key points; high compression big valve head, lightened flywheel, Downton 6 branch exhaust system mated to a stainless steel exhaust system, electronic ignition, alloy rocker cover, uprated oil cooling system, Spax shockers, uprated torsion bars, parabolic rear springs, uprated brake discs and pads, Quaife quick rack steering.

Engine and Gearbox
Cold starting the car was no issue (see video) with no problems coming from the exhaust. John had no issues setting off with the car cold, selecting reverse and then through to 3rd gear without an issue. Once warmed up on the run, John went through all the gears including use of the overdrive as detailed in the video.

Suspension and Brakes
The car handled the uneven and varied surfaces on our short run without any issue. There were no knocks or rattles to be heard from the car on our run. As mentioned above, both suspension and brakes have been upgraded over time to enhance the car.

The Drive
The car performed fine on the drive. Pulling along nicely, and the Quaife quick rack steering making light work of handling the car.

Electrics and Other
No issues.



The car comes with a large history file, which includes details of historic rally’s that have been completed such as the Duxford to Monte Carlo rally under FIVA regulations.

John believes the car has covered 115,975 miles as 15,975 miles are showing on the odometer due to it having 5 digits only.

Mileage recorded with DVLA
– 15,904 miles recorded on 6 Oct 2017
– 14,316 miles recorded on 22 Mar 2016
– 13,617 miles recorded on 10 Mar 2015
– 13,115 miles recorded on 7 Mar 2014
– 9,087 miles recorded on 11 Mar 2013
– 5,374 miles recorded on 24 Feb 2012
– 4,570 miles recorded on 3 Jun 2010

Mileage recorded on previous MOT’s
– 15,904 miles recorded on 6 Oct 2017
– 14,316 miles recorded on 22 Mar 2016
– 13,617 miles recorded on 10 Mar 2015
– 13,115 miles recorded on 7 Mar 2014
– 9,087 miles recorded on 11 Mar 2013
– 5,374 miles recorded on 24 Feb 2012
– 4,570 miles recorded on 3 Jun 2010
– 4,092 miles recorded on 8 Apr 2010
– 2,171 miles recorded on 6 Dec 2005
– 98,526 miles recorded on 8 Dec 2004
– 93,876 miles recorded on 8 Dec 2003
– 84,754 miles recorded on 20 Apr 2000
– 84,378 miles recorded on 19 Feb 1999
– 83,226 miles recorded on 30 Nov 1997
– 83,211 miles recorded on 30 Mar 1994
– 82,982 miles recorded on 1 Jul 1992
– 82,662 miles recorded on 21 Jun 1991
– 82,152 miles recorded on 29 May 1990
– 81,679 miles recorded on 24 Apr 1989
– 80,983 miles recorded on 27 May 1988
– 78,711 miles recorded on 25 Mar 1987
– 77,466 miles recorded on 27 Mar 1986

HPi Check Results

Outstanding Finance:
– We have no record of this registration having outstanding finance.

Colour changes:
– We have no record of this registration having a colour change.

Plate Transfer:
– We have no record of this registration being involved in a plate transfer.

Scrapped Exported / Imported:
– We have no record of this registration being scrapped, exported or imported.

Stolen or Destroyed:
– We have no record of this registration being stolen or destroyed.

Insurance Write-off:
– We have no record of this registration being written off.



This is a lovely example of an MGC GT, there are not many of these straight-sixes roaming the roads, and this example is ready for someone to drive away and enjoy.

It’s had many important upgrades to enhance the performance, efficiency, handling and comfort of the car, to make it a great GT which under both John’s stewardship and the previous owner, has been cross-continent.

John is looking for the car to go on to a new custodian to enjoy and use, and that they will with the car having been priced honestly as a reflection to its merits.


This auction listing was written by Kulraj Singh Salh from information gained from John (owner and seller of the vehicle) and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. John will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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mgpeter£10,500.0003-May-2018 10:06:54 


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Adam - Trade Classics

Hello all… the auction ends tonight at 8.30pm and John has set a very competitive reserve price. If you’re after a sorted MGC then this one is the one for you…

paul marshall
paul marshall

Is this car still available please



Adam - Trade Classics

Morning Paul, yes it is… I’ll send you a direct email. Cheers Adam

Kulraj Salh

If you have any questions, ask them here in the comments and John will be in touch.