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*** UPDATE: Sold for £27,560 on 18th May 2018***

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Recent Buyer Review – Eamonn McParland on 11th May “From my first general enquiry through to the purchase of my very own MGA, Adam and the team at Trade Classics were quite simply, awesome.  I fully recommend Trade Classics without hesitation nor reservation to everyone who is seeking a classic car.  A brilliant business model, supported by a really neat and usable website though ultimately managed by a great group of professional, sincere and trustworthy people”. Click here to see this and all reviews on Trustpilot.



Here at Trade Classics we’re big fans of the Porsche 912. What’s not to love about these cars, they have the same fantastic looks as the early 911 long hood, and why, well that’s because they have the same body! They are fitted with the revvy, super robust and reliable flat four engine.

Also, they hold massive investment opportunity right now. Whilst we’ve all been focused on the 911 over the last few years, this little car has gone under the radar and covertly been growing in popularity and price. The last year has seen the most growth and industry experts predict it to continue. We all know the rarer the car the more valuable it can be, well this little car is quite rare, much rarer than its bigger brother. Let’s look at the stats, only 32,000 were made in just 5 years (1964 to 1969), so when you compare that against 443,00 air-cooled 911’s produced from 1963 to 1997, then you’re actually buying something a little bit rarer; 92.8% rarer in fact!

I wrote an article on the 912 a few weeks ago and the investment opportunity it presents to us at the moment – click here to read.

Prices at the moment are around early £30k’s for a rolling restoration, then circa £40k for a good examples, excellent ones in the £50k mark and concours beyond that. When you compare the rarity, the fact it’s an early Porsche and it has the same gorgeous looks as an early 911, then is it just me or do these figures sound ridiculously cheap.



This 912 belongs to a friend of us here at Trade Classics, his name is Gary Turner and he’s a proper car guy. Gary has owned and enjoyed many cars over the years, including some very beautiful and rare 911’s.

Last year Gary and his wife made a decision to sell up in the UK and move to Canada for work opportunities. They sold everything from their house to his entire car collection including Porsche 911’s, Porsche 912, Honda NSX, Datsun 250Z and various others.

It wasn’t long until Gary scratched his itch for more cars in Canada, he has since bought a beautiful and early VW campervan, Porsche 911 ST, concours MGA (we sold this for him too) and this little 912. Gary has decided to sell this 912 with us and it was shipped back last month. The car has just been MOT’d and is now ready for the V5 application in the new owner’s name. Don’t worry as we will help you with the V5 application in your name, this is a good thing as you will show as the first registrant on the log book. The car is stored in Kenilworth and available for viewings.

It’s a really honest and original example, however, it could benefit from a small amount of bodywork correction should the new owner desire. In our opinion it’s in good condition and should be driven and enjoyed.



The exterior of the car is in good condition (scale of: poor / good / excellent / concours). The car has had work over the years in the form of welding and paintwork. From a rust perspective it looks good on our visual inspection and in terms of paint there are panels that have been sprayed independently over the years, showing a slight colour difference on close inspection.

Wheels & Tyres
The car has a beautiful set of fuchs wheels wrapped with new Pirelli P500 tyres. They are in excellent condition and look fantastic against the silver bodywork.

From our visual inspection the bodywork looks to be rot free and Gary has recently commissioned a small bit of welding work on the driver’s foot well. There are a few small chips over the car with a couple that need attention to keep rust at bay, including the leading edge of engine lid and leading edges of the doors. These have been picked out in the images / videos. We have been told by Gary that the underside is rot free and this has been confirmed by passing a recent MOT that did require some welding on the driver’s foot well. The car has been patch welded in places. Visually it looks like the skuttle has had some work done in the past and there are visible signs of the repair. The panel gaps look visibly correct over the car with the exception of the engine lid that would benefit from some fettling to even up the gaps. The OS passenger door has been subject to some dent correction at some point as there are very slight imperfections towards the front upper section.

The car has been painted at various points during its life and some panels more recently have been resprayed individually. On our visual inspection in sunshine we saw slight differences in the skuttle and bonnet compared to the wings and the rest of the car. The car is good to be run and enjoyed as it is, however, the new owner could, if they wanted to, spend some money on a full glass-out respray and this would increase the value of the car.

Glass and Trim
All glass looked in good visible condition. The chrome / brightwork has the patina you’d expect with the age and original state of the car. There is some very light pitting on the chrome and the plastic air intake under the front bonnet. There looks to be a missing interior lining to the OS headlight.



The interior is a lovely place to be. The gauges and steering wheel are simply beautiful and show patina in line with the age of the car.

Seats and Carpets
The front and rear seats are all in lovely condition with no rips or tears. The same too is said for the carpets.

The gauges are in original condition and worked during our test drive. The dashboard is in good condition too with no splits.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
The steering wheel looks original and is in lovely condition matching the patina of the rest of the interior.



The car was driven back from the MOT and drives as you’d expect for a 50 year old car.

Engine and Gearbox
Please see the video to see the cold start. During our visit the car was running slightly rough and may be due to the fact it hasn’t been used that much recently. Gary has since asked an engine specialist to take a look and it’s now running nicely, revs fine, by adjusting carbs with only a small occasional spit. This is most likely a small air leak on one of the carburettors.

Suspension and Brakes
The car handled as you’d expect on our short run without any issue, i.e. the ride was smooth and upon release of the wheel the car slowly moved to the left in line with the camber of the road. The brakes pulled the car up straight. There were no suspension knocks or rattles to be heard from the car on our run.

The Drive
On our drive the car was slightly rough running and didn’t idle. As mentioned above, this is now fixed and was due to be a simple case of tuning.

Electrics and Other
No issues found during our inspection and has just passed an MOT so all the lights will be working.



Work was carried out by a Californian garage in 2005.

There is history with the vehicle and Gary is just scanning it and will be made available here soon with full details.

HPi Check Results
– No HPi check has been actioned as the car is currently awaiting its V5.

Previous MOTs
– No previous MOTs are included due to the car being imported recently.



This is a fresh-to-market and original Porsche 912 that is ready to be driven, enjoyed and improved.

If you are looking for an investment car that you can also use and enjoy then this is just what you’ve been looking for.

Please get in touch with me to discuss this opportunity further. You can also ask Gary any questions about the car in the comments section below.

In terms of value, this car is considered ‘good’ condition and priced accordingly during the Pre-Auction process, so a real opportunity to grab a great and desirable car.



This auction listing was written by Adam from information gained from Gary (owner and seller of the vehicle) and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Gary will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

UsernameBid AmountDate MadeWinner
ppzoidberg£26,000.0018-May-2018 18:13:55Yes
Ravello55£23,750.0018-May-2018 17:55:47 
ppzoidberg£22,000.0018-May-2018 17:03:33 
TPO£21,000.0018-May-2018 16:55:47 
ppzoidberg£20,500.0018-May-2018 15:22:36 
TPO£19,500.0018-May-2018 15:01:12 
ppzoidberg£19,000.0018-May-2018 10:22:06 
TPO£18,500.0018-May-2018 09:16:19 
ppzoidberg£18,000.0017-May-2018 15:07:36 
raflog£16,000.0017-May-2018 14:46:54 
ppzoidberg£15,000.0017-May-2018 14:09:15 
robert911£12,500.0011-May-2018 10:35:19 
Overthehorizon£11,000.0010-May-2018 22:34:50 
robert911£10,000.0010-May-2018 16:00:13 



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The reserve has been met. So my 912 will go to a new owner today. Good luck with your bidding. Thanks. Gary


Cheers Gary…


Yep. Thanks Adam. Any last minute questions, fire away


Bidding is hotting up at over £20k now. We’re on hand to answer any questions… so too is Gary. Just send your questions here… Cheers Adam

Trade Classics


Hello Guillaume

It’s the silver car – not the white car on Instagram. There are two cars on the TCA site.

My car is silver, the CoA states the original colour as Light Ivory. I can not see any paint on the car other than silver. It must have had a full respray at least 15 years ago in silver. Does this anwer your question? Thanks. Gary


Hi Gary, thanks for the explanation. Helps a lot. G


Is the car silver grey or light ivory as per the Coa?


Have the carbs have been rebuilt since 05 with new linkages?


Hello Robert. The linkages have not been rebuilt. There is some general wear and tear play. It would be a job I’d do if keeping – one of those ‘rolling improvement’ jobs.


cheers Gary

In answer to some questions, yes – the car would make an excellent driver. It’s not going to win concours shows. But it will put a smile on your face every time you go out for a drive. You don’t have to worry about getting it dirty or a stone chip or a ding. Go drive. Enjoy. You can use it while gradually improving. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love having a show quality. Having a car that literally looks like it just left the factory. My MGA that Eamonn bought from this site last month, for example. But… Read more »

Great looking car.


Thanks Marcus. I think you asked about paint code? It’s on the CoA – Light Ivory 6604.


Thanks! I wrote the question and then realised where I could find out the answer myself!! It wouldn’t let me delete my comment so I thought I would just edit it to offer some praise instead! Best of luck.


TCA – Added some more images showing recent receipts and also the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity. Cheers Adam

Gary Turner

I have a feeling that the headlights are a rare set of rims and headlight glasses. They are identical to my 1972 ST and look like Carello – or Corello style. Happy for anyone to comment. They have a good look and I think set the front of the car off nicely.


Update. The 912 passed its MOT today. Foot wells had a little welding to sort the flexing out, brake light switch and speedo cable connection fitted.

Adam will put into pre-auction sale soon.

Matt Croft

Hi, When will the auction begin on this car and where is it located to view?


Hi Matt – the auction is due to start in two weeks time. The car is just being MOT’d and getting ready for sale. It’s stored in Kenilworth at the moment. If you want to see the car in advance or talk to me about it then send me a direct message via the site or the Contact Us page. Cheers Adam

Gary Turner

Quick update. The car has arrived in Kenilworth, having gone through the NOVA process and released by the shipping company. Next up is clean/valet and address a couple of the outstanding issues (like speedo) – then MOT and V5 application. If anyone wants to view, message here and we can arrange.


yes I want to come see the car if poss? thanks Andy

Gary Turner

Hi Andy, you are very welcome to. I’ve responded on DDK. It may take a week for the car to get cleaned and readied for the MOT etc. Let me connect you with William, my son.


Hi everyone – Gary has sent us a video of the engine running.

Gary Turner
Thanks Adam for posting up the pictures. I would stress these were taken in a hurry, without any fettling and cleaning. It was just that I had the lift and wanted to take a few pictures of the underside. As you can see – they engine is clean – and was probably rebuilt when the transmission was re-built, but I have not paperwork as evidence. I do see gaskets and other evidence that the engine has been apart. It runs very well which tells me it has probably had some sort of rebuilt. I also note the steering rack looks… Read more »

hi Gary did I notice / hear correctly that it was running on three cylinders when you drove it on the ramp ? best Andy

Gary Turner
Hi Andy. No, the car is running on all four cylinders perfectly. When I worked on the car after I bought it I found that the right hand Solex carb was not working properly. I took off the carb and found that the injector rod was not connected to the throttle linkage. I secured the rod and put it back on. I also found the gasket was not sealing properly between the carb and the inlet manifold creating a slight vacuum leak (which caused a slight lean misfire). I put a new gasket on and this sorted out completely the… Read more »

Even more pics uploaded of the mechanical bits… thanks Gary.


Hello all – more early images now attached. Of course we’ll be taking our usual images and videos when it lands in the UK.


Great Adam love this car


It does look good doesn’t it Andy…. also I know it will be a good car as Gary is super fastidious Porsche guy….

I got to know Gary after he was the under bidder on my 3.2 I bought back in 2015… he got in touch with me after the auction… yes he cost me a few grand (quite a few) but I don’t hold that against him 🙂


really look forward to bidding on this hope I win it !! do you set reserves at all ?

thanks Andy

Hello Andy, thanks for the message. What I like about auctions, and Trade Classics in particular, is that we arrive at close (but generally a little lower) than ‘market’ price. There needs to be something in it for the buyer, and to cover the auction fee. Trade Classics is excellent in this regards. 6% is significantly cheaper than other auction businesses. In terms of value, let’s see how the auction pans out. I’m going to set a low reserve, so it will sell to the highest bidder – all things being equal. Please do feel free to see the car… Read more »

Hi Gary – any Idea what the estimate will be ? Best Regards Andy

Gary Turner

There tends to be a debate about the pros and cons of the four speed v the 5 speed gearbox. I’ve had both – and I don’t see too much between them. The 4 speed is more a cruiser, and 5 for better acceleration. Given the relative low power of the 912, I slightly prefer the 4 speed.

Gary Turner

The 912 will arrive into Southampton on the 5 March. It’ll then clear customs and get the NOVA sorted. I am estimating it will be possible to view the car from the 25 March onwards – located in Kenilworth. It may not have its MOT, and won’t be able to be test driven, but any interested bidders can see the car, engine running, and drive around the yard.


Thanks for the update Gary…

Gary Turner

Seller here, Gary. Happy to answer any questions you may have on my 912. It is now on the water heading across the pond.


Hi Gary
When do you expect the car to arrive and be available for inspection
Many thanks

Gary Turner
Good evening Mick – Hello. The car was loaded in Toronto two weeks ago (hopefully you’ve seen the video with me driving the car up the trailer ramp?). The sound as I get it up onto the ramp was the right wheel spinning by the way, not grounding. We expect the car to arrive into Southampton 10 March. Then its up to the garage to get it MOT’d and V5 issued. The jobs for the MOT should be: switching around lights at the rear cluster to get an amber indicator, replace the speedo angle mechanism at the gearbox, get the… Read more »