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    944 S2 Cabriolet
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*** Private Sale Now Available ***

Available for £11,995 all inc.

Get in touch. If you are interested in this vehicle then please call us on 01926 426 635, or fill out the contact us form and we’ll get back to you.


After success with the 944 Turbo, Porsche wanted to build on this with another instalment into the model range. We present the 944 S2, this is a great car – accurate steering and smooth acceleration will allow you to have a lot of fun in this beautiful convertible. One of the last years this model was made and definitely improved through its production.

We meet Matt, who absolutely loved these as a youngster and has owned this fine example for the last 8 years but is letting go one of his childhood dreams that he has cherished.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Matt (the owner) then please click here to send him a message – Matt will get back to you asap.

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Recent Buyer Review – Simon Welsh on 1st May “Found my ideal 90’s sports car on Trade Classics. Living in Bournemouth and the car being in the Midlands I relied heavily on the advert, photos and videos.

On picking the car up I wasn’t disappointed. Everything was as it had been described. So I got straight into it and drove home. What a drive put a smile on my face.

Thanks very much Trade Classics and I’m now looking out for my next classic to add to the collection.”.

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Matt is a great guy. He has always loved the style and shape of these Porsche’s as he was growing up. Like any sane petrolhead he decided to achieve his childhood dream of owning and driving one. This particular model caught his eye as he acquired his driving licence but it was in May 2011 he was able to buy one. Please watch the ‘Meet the Owner’ video as Matt talks to us about him and the car.

He visited numerous vehicles and reviewed loads online, however, he was unable to find the right one. Matt was extremely diligent with his purchase – there are many examples that don’t have as good condition as his – then he finally found the right one. He bought it off the dealer who was involved in the first sale which is a great strength of providence. This is backed up through paperwork.

Matt loves the white coat and blue interior that suits him to a tee – he has used this car for leisurely drives at the weekend, whether that be to the pub or taking his son out for a ride. He is looking to sell this as he is looking at other cars that he has loved when he was younger. We are not sure who is going to be more sad, Matthew or his son. We hope the next purchase is just as exciting.



We love the Alpine White colour that is proudly shown on this example – paired with a fully working mechanical soft-top, this will be so much fun in the summer months. A credit goes to Matt and the previous owners for keeping this car in such good condition – this car can be driven straight after purchase. Modern alloys have been fitted, giving a sharper look – we at Trade Classics like the style it brings to the car. Oh… how can we forget – pop-up headlights!

We have filmed the soft-top working – Please watch the ‘Exterior Review’ video.

Wheels & Tyres
The tyre profiles are 225/50/16 on the rear and 205/55/16 on the front. Porsche 5-spoke alloys add a modern touch to this classic.

As you work your way around the car inspecting the bodywork you see no signs of rot or rust. We are really happy with the excellent condition.

Alpine White is a bold colour and we were really happy getting driven around by Matt in it – definitely made a few heads turn. The stone chip preventing paint has maintained the good condition of the exterior. Please review all the photos and videos as Jon points out parts of the car.

Glass and Trim
Both are in excellent condition across the car.



The interior is really beautiful – the space-age style combines with the exterior in an eye-catching stroke of expressiveness. The seats are really comfortable with the padding lavished in blue leather. A modern stereo has been fitted in this example.

Seats and Carpets
We at trade classics love the racing seats that are iconic in the Porsche world. With characteristic ripples, these seats are still begging for someone to sit in and enjoy the ride. There is slight wear to the driver’s carpet.

The gauges and interior are in very good condition, as can be seen in the media file.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
The original steering wheel has been worn as expected from a car with such mileage – please see the photos and videos. The gear stick is still fitted well with little sign of wear.



We understand around 1,500 RHD examples were imported to the UK in 1991 and very few show as good condition like this one. This model year was introduced with a 16-valve 3.0L engine, sports suspension, and really accurate steering.

Engine and Gearbox
The car started first go from cold – (see the start of ‘On the Road’ video). The engine soon settled into a smooth tick over. Matt had the spark plugs replaced ensuring no issues on the cold start of the car.

Suspension and Brakes
Fitted with sporty suspension you will feel glued to the road. Matt shows us in the video how the brakes are working well.

The Drive
The car really drives great. Matt seamlessly changes the gears through the Cambridgeshire roads and shows us how enjoyable this car really is.

Electrics and Other
Simple electrics set-up allows you to enjoy the journey ahead. Matt assures us after our visit that all electrics are working as they should. All gauges worked during our visit.



This car finished its build in Germany in 1991, to be sold in the UK market in 1992. There are very few examples of this car still on the UK roads in as good condition as this. We have been given a full history of the vehicle dating all the way back.

It has been seen by Porsche specialists for MOT and Servicing over the years and a full list of different locations have been made available by Matt the owner.

MOT & Service History

18.11.2019 – 89,138 (MOT)
02.08.2018 – 89,022 (MOT)
16.08.2017 – 88,788 (MOT & Service)
09.06.2016 – 88,250 (Service)
17.05.2016 – 88,647 (MOT)
09.06.2015 – 88,250 (Service)
28.04.2015 – 88,215 (MOT)
22.04.2014 – 88,069 (MOT)
09.11.2012 – 87,691 (Service)
24.04.2012 – 86,323 (MOT)
09.04.2011 – 85,595 (Service)
19.03.2011 – 85,269 (MOT)
08.04.2010 – 81,595 (MOT)
31.03.2008 – 79,772 (MOT)
20.04.2007 – 76,070 (Service)
30.03.2007 – 75,817 (MOT)
26.01.2006 – 74,021 (Service)
20.01.2005 – 69,512 (MOT)
01.02.2004- 63,849 (Service & Cam Chain)
09.02.2004 – 63,875 (MOT)
17.09.2003 – 63,473 (Service)
22.01.2003 – 60,275 (MOT)
04.11.2002 – 59,780 (Service)
27.06.2002 – 57,979 (Service)
31.01.2002 – 55,759 (MOT)
10.10.2001 – 55,159 (Service – Spark plugs)
08.11.2000 – 48,440 (MOT)
05.10.1999 – 41,827 (MOT)
10.09.1999 – 40,847 (Service & Cam Belt)
26.02.1999 – 31,979 (Service)
29.09.1998 – 27,974 (MOT)
05.07.1997 – 23,701 (MOT)
16.06.1996 – 20,593 (MOT)
13.06.1996 – 20,564 (Service)
19.12.1995 – 19,493 (Service)
09.06.1995 – 17,558 (MOT & Service)
09.02.1994 – 12,381 (Service)
18.06.1992 – 2,425 (Service)

We are able to provide all MOT details on request.

Current indicated mileage is 89,122 miles on 15/11/2019.

HPi Check Results
– HPi clear – available on request.



If you are a driver who has loved these cars since they were growing up but didn’t have the chance to get one then, this is the chance to finally own one at an affordable price and really good condition.

Matt has loved this car longer than he has owned it, but we suspect there is another car out there that he is looking to enjoy – like any true petrolhead. We can’t wait to find this 944 S2 a new home and we know someone out there is going to absolutely love the style and performance of this car.

Matt has priced this car very competitively and is looking forward to embarking on his next project.



This listing was written from information supplied by Jon after meeting Matt the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Matt will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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