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*** UPDATE: This car has now been sold for £37,000 all inclusive ***

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Here at Trade Classics we’re big fans of the Porsche 912. What’s not to love about these cars, they have the same fantastic looks as the early 911 long hood, and why, well that’s because they have the same body! They are fitted with the revvy, super robust and reliable flat four engine.

Also, they hold massive investment opportunity right now. Whilst we’ve all been focused on the 911 over the last few years, this little car has gone under the radar and covertly been growing in popularity and price. The last year has seen the most growth and industry experts predict it to continue. We all know the rarer the car the more valuable it can be, well this little car is quite rare, much rarer than its bigger brother. Let’s look at the stats, only 32,000 were made in just 5 years (1964 to 1969), so when you compare that against 443,00 air-cooled 911’s produced from 1963 to 1997, then you’re actually buying something a little bit rarer; 92.8% rarer in fact!

I wrote an article on the 912 a few weeks ago and the investment opportunity it presents to us at the moment – click here to read.

Prices at the moment are around early £30k’s for a rolling restoration, then circa £40k for a good examples, excellent ones in the £50k mark and concours beyond that. When you compare the rarity, the fact it’s an early Porsche and it has the same gorgeous looks as an early 911, then is it just me or do these figures sound ridiculously cheap.



This gorgeous 912 belongs to David Lane, a Porsche guy through and through. David has owned and enjoyed many Porsches over the years and more recently developed a passion for custom builds. David has just completed a very special 911 build under his Oshe badge called Zero2. I was lucky enough to view the car and have a sit in it. To say David is OCD about the details is an understatement, he has been meticulous in every part of the build. If you’re a Porsche person too then take a look at David’s Instagram profile – Oshe.Design.

So back to the 912, David has owned this car for over a year and a half and during that time he has used and enjoyed it, whilst carrying out repairs and improvements as detailed below.

The car is factory original, i.e. interior and exterior colour together with its original engine and gearbox. The only changes to when it left the factory are: 1. it now wears a 911 S style front bumper; 2. it has a non-original but period correct radio fitted. The car also features side reflectors that are period correct fittings for a 1968 (for one year only in the US market).

It’s true there are a few 912’s on the market right now, however, we think David’s is the best of the bunch. It’s such an original and honest car that drives beautifully too.



The exterior of the car is in good condition and looks amazing in its original Light Ivory colour that matches the Certificate of Authenticity. The car is very solid and only has a small patch of welding on the front floor that has been expertly finished; all detailed in the images and videos.

Wheels & Tyres
The car has a beautiful set of steel wheels with chrome hubcaps. They are in excellent condition and look fantastic against the ivory bodywork. The tyres all have good tread and even wear.

From our visual inspection the bodywork looks to be rot free and as mentioned, David has recently completed a small bit of welding work on the driver’s foot well. As you’d expect with a 50 year old car, there are a few small blemishes, including two on the front part of the bonnet, a scratch on the OSR wing, and slight imperfection on the NS door. A good paint specialist may be able to fix these small issues without respraying the panels. These have been picked out in the images / videos. Our visual inspection of the underside looks rot free and will be confirmed by passing a new MOT before sale. The body panels also look free from any significant rust. There are no signs of issues / filler on any of the usual hot spot areas like the skuttle, window surrounds and B posts. The panel gaps look visibly correct over the car and all doors, bonnet and engine lid open and close with no issues.

As you’d expect, the car has been painted at some point during its life. If the few small bodywork points as mentioned above were remedied, then this car would fall into the excellent condition category quite easily.

Glass and Trim
All glass looks in excellent visible condition with a new windscreen recently fitted. The chrome / brightwork is in really good condition as you can see from the media file.



The interior on this 912 is particularly lovely and original.

Seats and Carpets
The front and rear seats are all in good condition – there is a very small tear on the driver’s seat that can be easily fixed. David has fitted new carpets and seals all around.

The gauges are in original condition and worked during our test drive. The dashboard looks good too with no splits. The front part of the dashboard has been recovered at some point in black leather.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
The steering wheel looks original and is in lovely condition matching the patina of the rest of the interior.



I have been out in the car two times to a total distance of about 5 miles. On both trips the car performed extremely well and started first go from cold with no smoke noticed.

Engine and Gearbox
Please see the video to see the cold start. The car started first time and once warm runs very smoothly and revs easily with no smoke.

Suspension and Brakes
As mentioned, the car handled as you’d expect on our short runs without any issue, i.e. the ride was smooth and the brakes pulled the car up straight. There were no suspension knocks or rattles to be heard from the car on our run, even over the roughest of ground.

The Drive
The car performed perfectly on our drives and was a joy to be out in. The engine, gearbox, clutch and suspension all worked well with no issues noticed. I was taken out in the car twice to a distance of about 5 miles with a maximum speed of about 50 mph.

Electrics and Other
No issues found during our inspection. A new fuel tank has also been fitted recently.



David tells us the car was bought by a Nebraskan man who then sold it to friends of the family about 3 miles from him, before the family sold the car to the UK man who imported it back in 2015. So David is the fourth owner of the 912.

Importantly, the car is a matching numbers vehicle, i.e. gearbox, engine and chassis match the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity (see media file). All other history has been photographed and includes invoices for recent work done in the UK.

The car is showing 57,957 as of 10.05.2018.

HPi Check Results
– Our own HPi check is in progress.

Previous MOTs
– 09.12.2015 – 57,939 miles
– 06.01.2017 – 57,905 miles



This is an awesome car and I would love to add it to my own collection if I had the garage space! It’s a fresh-to-market and original SWB Porsche 912 that is ready to be enjoyed and admired.

Please get in touch with me to discuss this opportunity further. You can also ask David any questions about the car in the comments section below.

In terms of value, this car is one of the best ones we’ve seen recently and on the market currently; it’s priced accordingly.

Remember, sometimes is best to pay a little bit more for a sorted car that will save you bigger bills in the future.



This auction listing was written by Adam from information gained from David (owner and seller of the vehicle) and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. David will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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