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*** Private Sale Now Available ***

Available for £19,500 all inc.

Get in touch. If you are interested in this vehicle then please call us on 01926 426 635, or fill out the contact us form and we’ll get back to you.


This is a great example of a beautifully restored TR4A – modern modifications have brought new life and stability. Robert, the owner talks to us about why he is selling and how sad he will be to see it go. We know the new owner will find so much joy taking this round their local area – just like our consigner Jacob when we visited this vehicle.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Robert (the owner) then please click here to send him a message – Robert will get back to you asap.

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Recent Buyer Review – Simon Welsh on 1st May “Found my ideal 90’s sports car on Trade Classics. Living in Bournemouth and the car being in the Midlands I relied heavily on the advert, photos and videos.

On picking the car up I wasn’t disappointed. Everything was as it had been described. So I got straight into it and drove home. What a drive put a smile on my face.

Thanks very much Trade Classics and I’m now looking out for my next classic to add to the collection.”.

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Meet Robert, the owner of this stunning Triumph TR4A who has owned it since August last year. He bought it after being restored by one of the previous owner’s. His aim was to simply enjoy such a classic machine and maintain the excellent condition it has been in.

Robert has absolutely loved Triumph’s – he loves details you get on them and especially likes the bulge in the bonnet – he jumped at the chance to own one, when the right example came around of course. Funnily enough this Triumph has the same engine as his 1947 Ferguson tractor in his back garden. He has kept it much cleaner than his tractor though and has gone to great lengths of preventing rust on a notoriously rust-risky classic.

After taking it on a few non-competitive rallies around the country Robert believes it is time to say goodbye due to an unfortunate illness that will stop him from enjoying this car as much as he would have liked. Please watch the ‘Meet the Owner’ video to hear how much Robert has cared for this car in such a short period of time.



There’s no doubt about it, this car looks stunning in Signal Red. Please watch our exterior video as Jacob, our consigner works his way meticulously around the vehicle, you see the car shining at absolutely every angle. A credit really goes to the unknown restorer of the Triumph for really bringing this back to life – we would love to know what it looked like before. This is also a convertible so be ready for when the sun comes out – you are going to be craving driving round in this for sure!

Wheels & Tyres
The car is fitted with excellent condition MWS wired wheels – who are renowned for the manufacture and restoration of vintage, wired & classic rims. These are wrapped with Vredestein 165/15/86 that appear to be in really good condition.

As you would expect from a restored vehicle, the bodywork is looking crisp at every angle. Robert mentioned he has applied anti-rust formulas to the chassis and underside of doors where potentially rust forms – great thinking.

The Signal Red colour is jaw-dropping. The finish is even across the car – which Robert had commissioned after he bought the car. One thing worth noting is some blistering on the offside wing – This should be easily remedied by a professional. Please see the photos and videos to gain an assured opinion for yourself.

Glass and Trim
Both are in excellent condition across the car. Robert assures us the roof folds well.



We at a Trade Classics love the interior of Triumph’s – and this example holds no exception. A leather trim finished with a beautiful wooden dashboard makes this full restoration feel like a true vintage classic.

Seats and Carpets
Black leather and black carpets are the order of the day in this car; they present in excellent condition. There is slight stretching that is expected on the driver’s seat. The seats are finished with a contrasting white piping, adding further to the wonderful character this car possesses. There is slight degradation of leather in the back seat, please see the photos.

The gauges and interior are in very good condition, as can be seen in the media file. This looks to have been left original by the restorer to maintain the value of the car.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Both are in excellent condition with no issues. Both look to be original.



Robert took our cosigner Jacob around some beautiful roads near Bath – Jacob was seriously impressed with how everything sounded and felt during the ride. Please watch our ‘On the Road’ video that we filmed detailing many functionalities of the car when driving, including a cold start video.

Engine and Gearbox
The car started first go from cold – (see the start of the ‘On the Road’ video). The engine soon settled into a smooth tick over. Judging by the condition of the engine in the photos it has been restored beautifully by a previous owner and sounds faultless upon our visit. The gears changed instantaneously during the drive (includes overdrive).

Suspension and Brakes
As Robert and Jacob set out on a cold, sunny day in Bath, Robert mentions the TR4A has been fitted with more modern shock-absorbed suspension that can be changed to your driving type – we think a step up from the usual ‘lever arm’ type originally. Robert was so confident about the brake service the little Triumph just had, he tests the brakes with a vigorous emergency stop – the car stayed solid and centred.

The Drive
The drive for Jacob was really pleasurable – he loved the sound the stainless steel straight through exhaust made – “beautiful”. Smooth gear changes and a seamless clutch performed to Jacob’s standards and told us it was really comfortable. Robert also mentions the steering has been modernised with a new steering mechanics.

Electrics and Other
The electrics in the vehicle works as expected and Robert still assures us that this is still the case. The gearbox is fitted with overdrive adding to the usability of such a sought after vehicle. Modern wiring has also reduced the risk of any failures after restoration.



Most of the restoration work took place in and around 2009. All detailed invoices of the parts added have been supplied by Robert and can be found in the gallery below.

As mentioned, Robert has owned this for one and a half years – and through no fault of his own – will be sad to see it go. He has definitely cared for it though, as well as the other owners which have carried out non-obligated MOT checks on it since its full restoration.

There is a British Motor Industry Heritage Trust ‘Certified Copy of a Factory Record’ that can potentially prove matching numbers on the vehicle.

29.08.2018 – 50,986 (Service)
14.03.2018 – 50,377 (MOT)
11.03.2017 – 50,200 (MOT)
18.03.2016 – 49,962 (MOT)
19.03.2015 – 49,547 (MOT)
05.03.2014 – 49,058 (MOT)
25.02.2013 – 48,591 (MOT)
12.03.2012 – 48,305 (MOT)
08.03.2011 – 47,824 (MOT)
17.03.2010 – 47,757 (MOT)

Current indicated mileage is 52,428 miles on 13/11/2019.

HPi Check Results
– HPi clear – Available on request.


Wow. We were really impressed with how this TR4A looks and feels to drive. We know the new owner will have tonnes of fun taking this to car shows or a leisurely drive. It is always really nice to see how amazing restored vehicles truly look.

We would like to say thank you to Robert for using our trust-worthy service and we seriously cannot wait to find it a new home.

Robert has priced this car very competitively as he knows the market and is looking forward to the future.



This auction listing was written from information supplied by Jacob after meeting Robert the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Robert will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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