By Tom Brett
30th January 2020

Bringing Faces to a Faceless Car Industry.

Here at Trade Classics we provide the very best and most transparent sales service – unrivaled in the industry.

We supply the seller a service that presents their former pride and joy a listing that is like no other on the market today. The buyer can view the most honest and transparent product listing, ensuring they don’t miss a scratch, without having to visit the vehicle before purchase – like this one.

Based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK, our team work tirelessly speaking to buyers and sellers, visiting the cars and their owners, followed by producing professional listings for our growing network to enjoy.

So what about the people who work here? I want to mention a few of the faces and sarcophagus being a part of this expanding business, that is looking to add faces to a predominantly faceless car industry.

The Consigners

We cannot thank our team of consigners enough for travelling across the country. Our professional field consigners are trained by us in order to deliver a personal and thorough service.

Take Glyn for example, one of our longest serving consigners, having also served in the army a few years ago. He is safely back home now and enjoying new ventures such as studying for a photography degree at university. He loves meeting the owner and learning the stories they have experienced with their pride and joy.

The Office

If you live close by, come visit our office!

We are currently based in the outskirts of Leamington in a converted stable which is particularly quirky, and next to a beautiful old mill house.

From Barn sacks to sarcophagus’, to things you’d expect more from a typical office, we chose to buy these weird items from a local auction. Kind of what we do here. We love playing music in the office – from my favoured drum and bass playlist to some funk & soul we listen to everything!

Whilst the owners (Adam and Kulraj) are busy talking to sellers, it is my responsibility to create the listings for the cars as they come in, ensuring there are no mistakes and all listings are published in an honest and transparent manner; that’s not to say we won’t have some absolutely amazing shots. Want a beautiful screensaver – well here you go!

We have Graham, who is also in the Leamington office. A well-established marketing specialist that is doing wonders on the internet for us. We know the more people who know about us will be the turning point in our success, as we know we have the best service available for classic and performance cars online.

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The Owners

After working with these guys for some months now, I have never met anyone who has a passion for classic cars as much as these two enthusiasts. Adam has a great collection of classic cars, I haven’t seen all of them yet, but has still made my jaw drop! He bought an E-Type on eBay that was formerly his father’s back in the 1960’s.

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Then you have Kulraj, great guy but he’s has had some bad luck with his classics over the last year, most notably his Alpina and Alfa Romeo.

With a vast knowledge of the industry and a love for these cars, this mixture is destined to make Trade Classics head in the right direction.

We hope putting our faces on such a faceless industry has helped you feel more connected to us, and we hope whether you are a buyer or seller of such wonderful masterpieces you use our service in the near future.

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The Trade Classics Team

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