Pictures of the BMW M6 (E24)

I spotted a really lovely 1986 BMW M6 and thought you might like to see the pictures – they are copyright Trade Classics so please contact us if you want to use them.  We won”t say no – just want to know where they are being used and will remove the copyright text if you want to use them in a magazine (so long as you give us a little mention).

The BMW M6 is similar to the standard 6 Series, i.e. 635i, 640i and the 650i but is an up-rated version of the model by Motorsport, hence the “M”.  Only 524 M6s were made and imported to the UK (RHD) so they are very rare these days and fetch a big premium compared to the standard models.

More info is on the Wiki Article and this is a good article on the car from the BMW M Registry here.

Emma x

Just a few of the better images of the BMW M6 (6 Series E24) – the first few I enhanced a little 🙂


Emma Jones
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