By Tom Brett
19th August 2020

Car Brands in Need of Revival

It’s always a massive shame when the inspired spark in the design and engineering of a motor company goes right down the drain. Brands with a pedigree that took the wrong turn on the road of aesthetic evolution – basically prefabbing chassis’ with cheap interior and panels. Although, sometimes it’s through no fault of their own and economic pressures resulting in consolidating and redistributing resources.

Here is a list of car brands that need to be revived back to former glory days so us petrolhead have even more exciting things to talk about.


Victorious competitively and through illustrious design, Lancia’s presence was well-felt throughout the late 20th century. From hot-hatches to classic coupes, Lancia had the lot.

A few one-off examples have tried to revive the brand independently but the company itself today have a vision that is not what we really like the look of, is it?


The striking design was a sight to behold whenever I saw one as a kid on the motorway, it just looked like a toy more than a car. By 2006, the British firm collapsed and stopped making vehicles, however, the future looks bright for the brand who have been producing the Griffith Mark 2 on demand since 2018, and currently accepting deposits. Perfectly reviving the essence of the brand that accommodates a Cosworth enhanced Ford Coyote V8, the car encapsulates the modern era with flickers of old.

Things are looking bright, but will the ship steady and inspiration flourish for years to come?

Austin Healey

The ‘Big Healey’s’ as they were known back in the day, were beautiful machines that offered a smile when driven every time. Many professional restoration houses do great jobs of restoring these cars and sometimes with modern touches at the owners request.

Surely some billionaire will one day get into a Healey and have some kind of ‘Eureka’ moment and be like ‘sod it, lets get this going again!’


Much like the Healey’s but more aggressive in styling, the British brand sadly lost its way. The market for this kind of car doesn’t really fit into how people live today so it would take a genius to bring this car back into the modern era, but wouldn’t we all love it that?

What kind of cars would you love to see back on the road with a modern twist?



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