Classic Cars For Sale in the UK If you”re looking for classic cars for sale UK then you”re lucky as the UK is an amazing place to buy and own a classic car.  

We are a nation of car lovers and have played a massive part in automotive innovation over the last 100 years.  In fact in and around 1922 there were over 180 individual car makers in the UK – today you can count them on a couple of hands.

So it”s clear to see the UK played a huge part in the motor industry and produced some awesome cars that today we are proud to call classics. It”s with all this history and genuine love for keeping tradition alive that we have so many of our wonderful classic cars still in existence.  

Classic car shows and village fetes are as popular today as they”ve always been and a great excuse for proud owners to show of their bit of automotive history. I think we are so lucky in the UK to have this heritage and be able to either own or admire these beautiful pieces of art (yes I did just say art – form and sculpture of our nations designs are simply stunning, e.g. the Jaguar E-Type).

Also owning a classic car is a fantastic hobby and pastime that gets you out of the house, doing something tangible with your hands and also widens your social circles by meeting like-minded people that turn into friends. So what are you waiting for, search here on Trade Classics for all types of classic cars for sale in the UK and preserve / enjoy a slide of British automotive heritage – you won”t regret it. Remember, you don”t have to have a big budget to have fun.  

There are plenty of affordable classic cars for sale from just a few hundred pounds that will give you a lot of pleasure.  A great bargain at the moment are Triumph Spitfires; you can pick a really good one up for a few grand and have lots of enjoyment with it – also, they are very simple and accessible to work on with cheap and readily available parts – you really can”t go wrong.

If you”ve been inspired by this article, or via some other route then we”d love to hear your story and publish it here on Trade Classics.  

Emma Jones
This article was written and published by Emma Jones.  Emma works for Trade Classics as an in-house journalist and copywriter and has many years” experience in the classic car sector.  Why not write a reply on this article below – she”d love to hear your thoughts on her thoughts!

Also, don”t forget to check out the classic cars for sale here on Trade Classics.


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Jocelyn Oreilly
Jocelyn Oreilly

Please contact me if you have any etype jaguar series 3. Cars for sale

Phil read
Phil read

Just received an email from you indicating you have a tr4a coming up. I Missed your last one As I am attending an auction tomorrow I wonder if you can give me some detail. My phone is 07712186523.


Hi. Just found you on the net. I’m looking to find a Van Den plas 4 litre in reasonable condition and a realistic price – would you know of any? Thought I had found one recently only to discover it was a scam .