By Mike Atwal
24th October 2019

Do cars really need all the bells and whistles?

A modern day BMW 7 series possibly has more cameras than the BBC.

In today’s modern motorcar market you can buy cars that park themselves, navigate a motorway autonomously and provide you with a 360 degree view of your car on the centre screen. Exactly like a motor racing video game.

All of this trickery is achieved through cameras, radars and very clever technology. All highly sophisticated systems with many super duper functions.

I however seem to live in the era my cars are from…one where parking sensors, a cd changer and stability control are cutting edge tech. I also live by the rule that the more kit there is, the more repairs there will be.

I envisage we all have our favourite car technology advancement. Mine is central locking. Believe it or not, the Renault Fuego, is the first car to feature a remotely operated central locking system, after being fitted to models produced from 1982 onwards.

Equally we all have the one we could do without! I would happily live without a blank built in sat nav screen that has given up navigating.

What’s your best and worst?