By Tom Brett
28th July 2020

Embarrassing Cars On Their Birthday

It’s that time of year when it’s your birthday and you start to get all those notifications from your phone with people sending you the best of wishes. But for me, the alarm bells start ringing.

I’m sure it happens to everyone else, getting those embarrassing photos pop up when you were young, or is it just me? Here’s a picture of me sitting on Postman Pat’s lap on one of my birthdays many years ago, courtesy of Nan.

Yes, I personally met Postman Pat! The master of early morning drives with his black and white cat. I believe his van was running on a smooth V8 that when driven at low speeds, doesn’t wake up any of the neighbours. I’m embarrassing myself a little too much now.

For some cars, they get the same thing, albeit without any feelings involved. I’ve put together a little group of cars that had quirky adverts that are surely just as embarrassing as me meeting my 3-year-old idol.

Renault Clio – 30 Years Old

Cast your mind back to 1990 when the first generation Clio was born. The advert wasn’t great but the ’90s was a promising time for music, culture and booms in industry. The Renault Clio is a part of that and was seen everywhere, with over 300,000 sold in the UK during that decade. Affordable, east to turn in corners, the car was a great rival to the Mini and others alike.

Fiat Panda – 40 Years Old

The Fiat Panda 4×4 was a car that my Mum owned. It even had a panda sitting above the 4×4 decal above the rear wheels – not too sure if that is aftermarket or if that was a rare colour, I cannot seem to find one online anywhere! Here is an advert from 1987 and it is truly ’80s with that music there! Not too sure if that would make me want to buy one, but they are a solid reliable car nonetheless.

Audi Quattro – 40 Years Old

Does anyone remember this ad? Built with suspense to eventually come to a halt. As you can see the Quattro has hill climbs in the bag and may appeal to a few people watching but, why not just whizz it round some corners whilst kicking up dust? That’s what we know it for isn’t it?



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