By Mike Atwal
12th December 2019

What does your exhaust say about your car?

With a world of fake tips, heavy influences from the Japanese modifying scene and custom systems sporting tags of “mandrel bent” and “high flow”, there is no denying it can actually say a lot.

From looking the part and sounding sexy through to tucked out of sight silent systems, there really is something for everyone.

Single. Double. Quad. Side exit. Twin.

And Stock. Sometimes it’s just spot on from day one.

A great example is the Mercedes AMG division who gave birth to the SL55 AMG’s famous naughty soundtrack hibernating in the quad exhausts until the loud pedal was pushed. I think Jeremy Clarkson once described it as having the sound track of a Spitfire. Spot on really.

Audi seem to have mastered the all important pop and deep bang when changing gear all young sporty petrol heads can’t get enough of; I heard an Audi S6 flash past and I have to say, I could do with that aggressive soundtrack in my life.

And Mustang. Any V8 must, whether it is a 1969 or 2005, in stock form they just sound sweet.

I recently took an angle grinder to my 6’s back boxes…90% of the time I loved the roar, the burble and the attention – but that 10% of the time where it just didn’t sound right made me weld them back up.

Maybe it’s time to make the most of exhausts before EV’s take over.