By Tom Brett
31st December 2019

Fall in Love With Your Classic Car Again in 2020

As we head into the new year and new decade, people have locked up their classics for a good month or two now, keeping them dry-stored or covered up so they don’t get damaged by the blistering weather.

It is a time where people can reflect on the memories they have had with family and friends and ultimately… their classic car. Many people will never dream of letting go of their car, but some lose touch and forget about the fun they had with it.

We have comprised a list of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ to make sure you classic car lovers keep the candlelight burning for the foreseeable future.

Don’t wait till the sun is out!
Have you just read the above and you are now itching to get your classic out in the cold conditions? Well other enthusiasts may look at you in disbelief whilst pulling their hair out. Not to worry though, there are some precautions you can take in order to turn heads in the winter:

– Replacing worn seals and checking the battery is charged is a good place to start, checking components are clean and repaired if applicable.

– Using tyres with strong tread and with winter capabilities. You will need a strong tread to avoid skidding and to regularly check the quality of rubber on tires over five years old.

– Like in any weather conditions it is paramount to drive at slow speeds at the start of your journey. Start the car and leave idle for a few minutes to heat up then set off at slow speeds until everything is up to temperature. Not doing this will degrade / wear some components much quicker.

– Take precautions such as covering the car in anti-rust formulas and cleaning it straight after your ride with appropriate chemicals.

Short distances are bad!
If you are constantly starting and stopping the engine without giving time for oil to circulate, or get up to temperature then you may start to have a problem in the future. It is like us doing multiple 100m sprints without having any water in between. It’s important to give time for the oil to get up to temperature and spread around the components, then you’re good to go.

Find beautiful new roads.
If you want to reconnect with your car, there is nothing better than getting on a road you have never been on before. The aim? Just take it all in, learn the new road and enjoy the scenery around you and the connection with driving. Many of you will be reading from the UK, in which any part of the countryside has a road that will potentially make you fall in love again. Get your road map out or fire up Google Maps and start looking for those little gems of tarmac.

Start your own small club.
Maybe some of you feel lonely, no one to share this joy with. Well don’t worry as there are plenty of people out there who just need someone else to go on a drive with. Start a group on Facebook, or join one, get connected and see what new memories you can make with your new friends – meet up for a coffee every Sunday, plan trips together and ultimately just have a good old chat about your classics. The roads are your oyster!

Attend classic car shows.
For some it may take someone else to say they “love your car” for you to reignite the infatuation you once had with your car. Maybe showing off your car at a show and speaking to other enthusiasts about their experiences may be just the thing for you. There’s nothing wrong with it, showing off your car and being proud of the condition you have kept it in is a testament to your personality and care you have for your treasured possessions.

We hope this list has made you think twice about keeping your classic locked away. We want people to love these cars as we know the memories and experiences made in these will never be forgotten. These cars are supposed to be driven, the question is, will your new year’s resolution be ‘to fall in love with your classic again’, or will it be something else? Let us know in the comments below!