By Mike Atwal
16th January 2020

Fancy the Perfect Car for a Weekend Getaway?

How about the getaway car?

The Jaguar MkII is a special entity in its own right. Encompassing motorsport heritage from the glorious 60’s era of the BTCC, entertaining many alongside the legend that is Inspector Morse, and of course sporting a naughty side as the car of choice for gangsters and bank robbers!

When I think of a MkII my mind relives the glorious days of driving a few on a daily basis thanks to the job I had as a younger man – not as a criminal, merely a young gun in a classic car club. The rear arches masking the top of the rear tyres, the bonnet being a masterpiece in the stance it gives the front end and of course, feeling like I’m tougher than I actually am.

Now…the mighty straight-six 3.8-litre metal hearts I used to enjoy in those MKII’s would seem the obvious choice but let’s think a little about the world we live in today.

Is there a more icnonic mascot?

Having a smaller engine can be a savvy choice. Why is that then?

Well, cars of this era don’t need to be driven as fast; let the car be seen for heaven’s sake.

The world as we know it is endeavouring to reduce its carbon footprint and who wouldn’t argue with saving at the pumps?

I have baby BMW 8 and 6 series, both 4.4 V8’s. The daddy of the 850 CSI with its 5.6 V12 and the brute of an M6 with its 5.0 V10 are of course desirable, but nonetheless, I adore both my smaller engine BMW coupe offspring.

And that’s why a really lucrative car acquisition may well come in the form of John’s Jaguar MKII that was born with the MkI engine; a spritely 2.4 metal heart that has given John 37 years of motoring pleasure.

John standing proudly with his MKII

Yes! John has owned this example for thirty-seven years with only one former keeper. During his time he has had so many fond memories; including an engine rebuild and taking his family on trips around the country. The car has amassed a healthy 70,000 miles, a repaint to John’s favourite Maroon, so he could not be recognised by the cops.

We have taken hundreds of photos and you can meet John in our typical ‘Meet the Owner’ video, please see the full listing for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

And no need to light up the rears. It’s not like you would have robbed your local NatWest now, is it?!

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