Published 20th March 2018 by Adam Purrier.

Goodwood Members’ Meeting is one of the most distinguished events in the motorsport calendar. We were lucky enough to have complimentary tickets from Classic and Sports Car magazine for the 76 Members’ Meeting held over the weekend of the 17th / 18th March 2018.

I was joined at the event by Kulraj Salh (Trade Classics COO) and James Boscarini (Trade Classics Creative Director) and even the forecasted snow didn’t put us off attending, considering we all had long drives from various locations around the country.

Fortunately, the snow didn’t put anyone else off, the spectators and drivers at Goodwood are a hardy bunch and seemed like the weather made people even more determined to carry on as usual.

James produced the following little video of the day:

Fortunately we all made good use of the fire pits that were spread around the site, warming up in between watching some very fine motorsport and getting up close and personal with the drivers and cars in the paddock.

The racing was intense and thrilling. Cars with little in the way of driver aids, i.e. none, were out on the wet track in skinny cross-ply tyres with just the skill and pure will of a bunch of impressive drivers, somehow keeping them on course and pushing the limits.

It was amazing to see the Formula 5000; hearing those five litre cars start up and exit the paddock in blizzarding conditions in the direction of the freezing cold track was something to make the hairs of the back of your next stand up. I mean, can you imagine sitting in one of those, vibrating your whole body to bits with the anticipation of lapping the monsters in the snow!

Access to the paddock is a real treat and a place we spent a good proportion of the day. It’s a privilege to walk amongst the giants of motorsport, akin to stepping back to prehistoric times on the motorsport timeline. Gazing up close at lightweight E-Types, early Bugattis and some stunning Porsche 904s. Watching zombielike as owners and drivers tinker with the engines; a slight carb adjustment here and there to get it ready for the race. Coffee in hand warming you up, what could be better.

It was my first time at Goodwood and won’t be the last. I loved the fact everyone was there for the same reasons, they love cars and are keeping our motor heritage alive.

What was my personal favourite bit? Well that had to be watching Woolmer drifting his 1961 Austin Healey around the freezing cold track; awesome.

Were you there and if so then what was your favourite bit?

Adam Purrier
CEO – Trade Classics.



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