Lydia Rawlings

Lydia joins us as our Business Development Manager, she will be here to ensure our buyers have access to the best possible cars on the market through our auction.

Lydia studied Graphic Design whilst working part time at Waterstones as a Bookseller, during this time she developed her interpersonal skills and realised her love for working with people. After four years with Waterstones, she decided to explore another market, moving into recruitment. This is where we first became aware of each other.

In her spare time, Lydia is a keen baker, avid reader, obsessed gym goer and frequent gig attendee. Lydia grew up around cars, with her family boasting a rather impressive collection of quirky rides.

Lydia spent her summers driving down to the South of France with her six older siblings piled in the back of the Series IIA Land Rover Defender. Her first job (at the age of eight) was working on her father’s bread stall at al local farmers markets, she would be driven there in a rickety ’70s Citroen H Van. Her Grandfather would spend every minute of his spare time working on his 1914 Swift, as she was sent out every thirty minutes with a fresh cuppa. With her passion for Classics and with her experience in Business Development, it seemed the perfect fit for her to join the team!

Car History
With a very short car history we’ll kick off with her first love – her 2002 VW Polo. Currently you will see her nipping about town in her Suzuki Swift. Lydia loves a practical car, something reliable and with a good amount of boot space. Her dream car would be either a VW Campervan or a Land Rover Safari!

Lydia’s Future
Lydia is loving her first few weeks with us and is very excited to learn more about classics. She would love to encourage more women into this incredible industry. Maybe the future will hold her being an Instagram superstar with her page @lydias_classics or more likely, it will hold her being the key to our world domination in the classic auction world.