So what do the numbers / codes mean on the arm of Persol sunglasses?

Well I”m sure you”ll agree me me, I hope, that Italian Persol sunglasses are a fitting accompaniment to go with your lovely classic car.  But you want to make sure they fit your head properly when you”re out and about enjoying scenic drives in the country.

However, there”s not a lot of information out there on what the codes mean on the side of Persol sunglasses.  So I thought I”d look into it and solve the mystery for the inquisitive.

Persol Code Meanings

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So firstly here”s a few example codes from my own sunglasses:

  • 2720-S      24/31            60-16          130         3N  
  • 2989-S       95/53            57-18          140        2P
  • 2393-S       968/4N         57-13          140        3F
  • 3025-S       96/32           50-20          135        2N

So the numbers above are split into 5 columns – we”ll take each column in turn and go through the meaning.

Column 1 – this is the model number of the glasses, e.g. the first row (2720-S) are for a particular model made famous by James Bond in Casio Royale.

Column 2 – this will tell you what the frame / frame colour is in the first number sequence and then the lens type and colour in the second.  For example 24/31 in the first row above means tortoiseshell (24) and brown tint lens (31).

Persol Sunglasses Code Meaning

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Column 3 – this will tell you the size of the frame width (not the length of the arm – this comes in the next column).  For example, 60/16 in the first row of my own sunglasses above means: each lens is 60mm at its widest point (known as “eye”), and 16mm between the lenses in the middle (known as the bridge).

So you can work out the total width of glasses by x the first number by 2 (because their are two lenses) and adding the second number (bridge). So these glasses are 136mm wide.  Knowing this and understanding the calculation is key – try some Persols on and see which size fits you best – then work out the total width and always look for that total size in the future.

Also, just to note the height of the lens (from top to bottom) will also change proportionally according to the first number in this sequence.  So in this example say there were three size option, e.g. 60/16 (my size) and also 57/16 and 55/16.  Then these smaller lens width sizes would proportionally shrink the height too – if you think about it, if it didn”t shrink then it would alter the design of the glasses.

Persol Arm Code Meaning

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Column 4 – this is the length of the arm in mm (known as the “temple” measurement) from the hinge to the back of the arm that wraps behind the ear.  Basically it”s the total length of the arm if you we”re to remove it from the Persols.

Column 5 – this one is a bit trick to find out.  I”ve written a email to Persol and awaiting their response.

So there it is – I”ve also drawn up a few illustrations for you to see based only first example above. I hope this fully explains what the codes on the arms of Persol sunglasses mean.

Please drop me a line with your favourite model and what classic car you”ve matched them too 🙂


Emma Jones


This article was written and published by Emma Jones.  Emma works for Trade Classics as an in-house journalist and copywriter and has many years” experience in the classic car sector.  Why not write a reply on this article below – she”d love to hear your thoughts on her thoughts!

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Thanks Emma this information is invaluable!