By Mike Atwal
21st November 2019

It is time to rewrite your Owners Handbook

I love my 8 series so much. I want this man-and-his-8 partnership to last forever.

However, this desire of mine prompted me to think a little. If the mighty 8 outlives me as I want it to, the reins of ownership will transfer to someone else. Will they take the lead of my beloved mechanical pet and treat it as I do? And crucially, how will they know what to do?

Considering I don’t let anyone drive it, I was in a bit of a quandry.

Then I had a brain wave. Back in the days of working in classic car rental, I used to write little instruction manuals for each car, from how to unlock the doors, starting from cold through to checking the oil.

All the quirks, idiosyncrasies and neat tricks. For longevity and preservation.

Perhaps there is something you have lived with for fifteen years, like a starter that always engages the second time round? The glovebox that needs a gentle slam with more pressure on the left? The door handle that needs a certain pull to work?

As cars get older they really do build up there own character and sport certain age related ailments proudly and somewhat stubbornly, and thus the once upon a time bible of information known as the Owners Handbook becomes part of memorabilia in service history file, making room for a new up to date handbook.

I’ve started writing my new handbook, albeit I can only think of one instruction.

“Don’t touch it.”

Clearly I haven’t got the hand of this handbook writing lark.

What quirks of your car would make into your new handbook?