By Adam Purrier
2nd January 2021

Connecting Enthusiasts.

Do you know someone that would benefit from our no-hassle sales service?

If you do and you refer them to us then we’ll say a big thank you by rewarding you with £100 after we agree the car with the seller and then a further £100 if we successfully sell their car.

Please just complete the form below to register your interest and we’ll be in touch.

How do I get rewarded?

Simple, just refer the seller to us and we’ll value their car and talk to them about our service – if we both agree then we’ll consign their car. Once it’s live on the website then you’ll get £100 and a further £100 if that car successfully sells at auction.

There’s no limit on how many people you can refer to us, so why not help people you know to get the most money back for their car whilst earning a bit for yourself.

We consign cars from £10,000 to + £200,000 and importantly we don’t charge our sellers anything at all – you can see as summary of all the benefits our sellers get below.

Help more people.

If you refer over 3 cars that we successfully sell then we’ll up your reward from £100 to £120 – when they successfully sell. So for example, you could earn up to £220 on every car your refer that we sell.

Apply to join.

Please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss the scheme in more detail.

We take your privacy seriously and only use this information to contact you in line with our GDPR compliant Privacy Policy

Tips for finding enthusiasts.

There are lots of creative ways you can find classic car enthusiasts that may want to sell their cars:

Seller benefits.

We are different to any other sales or traditional auction service as we provide the highest levels of service and quality with the lowest fees. The following summarises our key differences and you can read more detail here.

Honesty and Transparency
Honesty in everything we do from running our business to the descriptions of our sellers’ vehicles. Buyers and sellers have access to us directly and can see our faces on the website, in our videos and around the web.

No Hassle Listing Service
We go out to our sellers and take all the pictures and write the description so they don’t have to. We then publish the listing and promote around the web.

Managed Sales Service
We speak to potential buyers directly so our sellers don’t have to talk about money. We negotiate the best deal for our sellers and keep you informed all the way.

Fewer Tyre Kickers
Sellers want to have the least amount of people going out to view their car as possible. So our industry first of 8/10 buyers don’t visit the cars we sell before purchase is important to our sellers.

No Seller Fees
We don’t charge our sellers anything – no listing fees and / or seller commissions at all.

Market Valuation Process
Our sellers have confidence in our market appraisals setting realistic market pricing.

Best Quality Content
We produce beautiful images, comprehensive videos and thorough descriptions showcasing our sellers’ cars.

5 Star Customer Reviews
Non-compromising customer service approach with 5 star consistent reviews on Google Reviews.

Widest Marketing Reach
We promote sellers’ vehicles wider than any other sales or auction house to reach potential buyers with the ability to market in mainland Europe too.

Quickest Time to Sell
We can get a car live on our website withing 7 days, so sellers don’t have to wait a long time for quarterly sales from traditional auction houses.