By Mike Atwal
3rd July 2019

Should You Start Your Own Classic Car Parts Bin?

As we navigate the good old aging process Mother Nature inflicts upon us, our beloved motors join us on the journey.

We both want to last the test of time. Modern medicine, vitamins and botox exist – but the mighty Grim Reaper has a contract of lifetime employment. And thus it is likely your classic sidekick may keep your loving memory alive long after you have entered the Gates of Heaven; or Hell – where perhaps you’ll meet me in person in the VIP section.

Morbid start?

No, just a little thought inducing prod to suggest that it might be time to begin focusing more on your spare part collections of cars that have just entered the fully fledged classic zone; especially if your car wears some super rare bits.


I got thinking seriously about this when I was searching for a set of winter tyres for my BMW 8 series back in 2017. The rear size is no longer made in winter format. Amazingly I found the last ever pair, old stock, stored correctly and unused – fortunatley I got myself out of trouble. And this year I find that the summer tyres for the rear are almost non existent for sale. I can’t bear the thought of having to dress my 8 up with aftermarket alloys to keep it on the road in the future.

It really could be worth spending an evening browsing the Internet to see what is actually available for your pride and joy, and if you spot that certain parts are set to run out because the manufacturer no longer produces them, then perhaps start building a collection of spares. Light lenses, mirrors, bumper trims, wheels and even odd ball items such as wiper arms. However, I believe there is a balance to be had, so just enjoy the process. Easier said than done I know.

On the flip side, as modern technology such as 3D printing goes from strength to strength, plastic repair techniques improve and the mighty web connects us with all corners of the Earth, the modern day classics will probably survive very well in the tech-driven era that put them there in the first place.

Care to share your parts sourcing stories with us?