By Mike Atwal
17th October 2019

The Achilles Heel of Classic Car Ownership

There is something about classics cars that sometimes stops me enjoying them… I care about them too much! From the way I use them, to where I park them, maybe being more carefree would increase the enjoyment?

What do I mean by that? I will start with my own examples. I love my cars and am almost borderline obsessive with keeping them in good condition and safe from harm. And intensely try to defy the wear and tear process.

I check my cars constantly. Are the delicate bits of trim still holding in place? Does it have enough oil?

I can’t park my cars in any random space. I almost I feel I can’t park them at all. When I do park I triple check the lights are off and the doors are locked.

Recently the penny dropped though. I don’t enjoy my cars as much as my non-petrol head friends do.

They jump in, drive and have fun, park it where they want, jump out and lock it without evening looking back at it. Yet folk passing by admire their tasty motor.

I saw a chap park a DB9 up on a kerb recently, ever so close to a battered Kia Sedona and a trash bin. He walked away from it and locked it without even looking back.

I’ve always wanted a DB9. But I’m going to learn how to enjoy cars more first.

How much should you care about your car? Where is the sweet spot?