By Tom Brett
8th July 2020

The First Aston Martin DB5 in 50 Years

It’s here. The most ‘famous car of all time’ has been recreated in a limited continuation line that has dazzled the whole community.

On Monday, the first Aston Martin DB5 was built in more than 50 years. The DB5 Goldfinger project takes 4,500 hours of construction, on each car! That’s 187.5 days of non-stop work. Aston Martin is privy to such passionate and grueling tasks, having completed many DB4 GT & Zagato models in the past.

Let’s get into what 187.5 days and a hefty price tag of £3.3m will get you. By the way that includes VAT if you were wondering.

Each of the 25 cars receives the full 007 gadget package. Albeit not being able to use the deadliest of them if a driver cuts you up on the M4, or you want to make some room on the M25.

On the outside you’ll get rotating number plates, oil spray system that deploys from behind the tail-lights, a smokescreen are joined by machine guns that pop out from the front bumper, a ‘bulletproof’ rear deflector that raises from the boot, front and rear battering rams, and simulated tyre slashers. There is also a removable roof panel to represent the seat ejector, I guess you can call it the DB5 Targa?

Inside is also an exact match of the screen car. An armrest disguising the switchgear, a radar screen in the centre console, not too sure if it has an AUX lead though. The car should really be a prime candidate for a stop and search from your local policeman considering there is an under-seat weapons tray in there too, but you’re more likely to have your packed lunch in there surely?

Each beautiful replica receives original body panels and a 4.0-litre naturally aspirated in-line six-cylinder engine that produces 290bhp. It has a five-speed transmission and the rear axle features a mechanical limited-slip differential.

Unfortunately, the cars aren’t road legal, so unless you have a large driveway to spray your dog with the hoses at the back, or get your family and friends to test the bulletproof deflector then, what is the point? The point is, it’s one of the most beautiful creations of automotive imagination in human history, so why not? Take a look at Aston Martin’s promotional video.



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