By Adam Purrier
18th January 2024

REVEALED – The Most Popular Classic Car of 2023


So we’ve been crunching data over the last week, deep in Google Analytics looking at our web stats over the last year. The first thing we wanted to know was what was the most popular car of 2023, i.e. what car out of the hundreds we’ve sold during the year got the most views, and highest average reading time.

Well the answer was a 1982 Porsche 911 SChere it is – the car had 19 bidders and finally sold for £37,477 to the high bidder.

Also car was based up in Scotland which is perfect for our service due to the thoroughness and quality of our photography, meaning buyers from the UK and wider (we had one bidder from Australia) had the confidence to bid from their sofa.

Aside, another interesting fact of 2023 was our non-vist rate, it was 91.5%, i.e. over 9 out of 10 people bought from us without feeling the need to visit the car and were happy with their purchase. No other online auction company has such a high non-visit rate, this is of course due to the transparency of our listings and best-in-industry photography.

Back to the SC, it’s the Google Analytics stats that are really interesting – the car had a total of 3,609 views with an average reading time of 4min 19sec – that’s nearly 1 million seconds of total human time spent on that one listing – that’s like going to Australia and back nearly six times!



Leaving the data aside for a minute, why was the car so popular?

Well there are a couple of key reasons (apart from our best-in-class / award winning photography):

The first and most important one is ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone). If you don’t already know, ULEZ has a 40 year limit, meaning cars that are 40 years or older are exempt. This makes the SC the most recent 911 that is exempt from this charge, so it’s perfect for people that want to run original cars in cities and not pay ULEZ, but it’s also very desirable for resto-modifiers that want to backdate the cars, and then sell to a city based audience.

The second reason is that prices for later 3.2 cars have been going sky high in recent years, so this has pushed up pricing and demand for earlier SC cars. Aside, the 3.2 is 40 years old this year, so maybe a tip for pricing going even higher as earlier models start to become ULEZ exempt too.

So there you have it, the SC was our most popular car of 2023 and looks set to provide great future investment potential too.

Let’s now exploring the factors that make it a compelling choice for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Historical Significance:

The Porsche 911 SC, produced from 1978 to 1983, marked a pivotal era in the evolution of the 911 series. “SC” stands for Super Carrera, emphasizing the model’s superior performance and capabilities. The 911 SC was the first 911 to feature a fully galvanized body, enhancing durability and rust resistance. This innovation significantly contributes to the model’s appeal among collectors, as finding well-preserved examples becomes increasingly challenging over time.



Timeless Design:

The Porsche 911 SC’s design is a testament to the brand’s commitment to aesthetic excellence. Its distinctive silhouette, characterised by the rear-engine layout and iconic round headlights, has become synonymous with Porsche’s identity. Classic car enthusiasts often gravitate towards models that boast timeless designs, and the 911 SC certainly fits the bill. The car’s aesthetic appeal has proven to be a key factor in its enduring popularity and potential for value appreciation.

Limited Production:

While not as limited in production numbers as some other classic cars, the Porsche 911 SC is still relatively scarce compared to mass-produced vehicles. The limited production run adds an element of exclusivity, making well-maintained examples more desirable in the eyes of collectors. As the years go by, the number of pristine 911 SC models available on the market decreases, potentially driving up their value.



Performance Heritage:

The 911 SC is celebrated for its performance heritage, boasting a flat-six engine and rear-wheel-drive configuration that delivers a thrilling driving experience. Porsche’s commitment to performance engineering has long been a driving force behind the brand’s success, and this heritage contributes to the 911 SC’s appeal as a classic sports car. Collectors often value vehicles with a rich racing history or a connection to a brand’s performance legacy, and the 911 SC checks both these boxes.

Market Trends and Appreciation:

Analysing market trends is crucial when considering the investment potential of any classic car. The Porsche 911 SC has experienced a steady increase in value over the years, with well-maintained, low-mileage examples commanding a premium. The classic car market can be influenced by factors such as rarity, condition, demand, plus external factors like ULEZ too – the 911 SC has consistently performed well in these categories.




The investment potential of the Porsche 911 SC lies not only in its historical significance, timeless design, and limited production but also in its performance heritage and market trends. For enthusiasts and investors seeking a classic car that combines driving pleasure with the potential for appreciation, the Porsche 911 SC stands as a compelling choice. As the automotive landscape evolves, the allure of this iconic model continues to captivate the hearts of collectors, making it a worthy addition to any investment portfolio.



Pictures taken at seller’s location in Scotland by our talented photographer, Colin Bashford.