By Mike Atwal
14th February 2020

The Reward of Restoration

Restoration is good for the soul, mind and body. And I really mean that.

The endorphins released from the sense of achievement every time you take a good long glance at what you’ve restored does wonders for your body and brain… and also your pocket too.

There’s the subconscious kick we all feel…knowing how it was done! Waking up at the weekend after a long week at work knowing you have another shift ahead, but revelling into this activity you actually enjoy.

You have a taste for rust. Not with your tongue of course but with your hands. Removing the dreaded notion of it leaves a sweetness in your mouth though – perhaps that’s just the coffee and two sugars you had whilst breaking a sweat.

I have been involved in many car restorations over the years, helping to find parts that seemed elusive, keeping nervous owners calm when they saw their car stripped naked, partaking in wonderful choices related to paint, interior re-trims and upgrades; and enjoying the final icing on the cake with the last sweep of a polishing cloth denoting it was done, and seeing the smiles all round. You must meticulously learn your craft, making sure that you do not have to do the same job twice.

Staying within your budget or just tipping over is key as you can go mad with yourself and so will your other half if they notice a hefty bill, we have seen it all before. This will consume a lot of your time so enjoy every second of it and don’t give up.

I’ve lightly restored a 635 Csi, along with a few houses, and to this day I still remember how they started out; and love how mighty I feel when I look at them. Every penny spent was worth it for the cognitive treat they delivered. My 8 was a light restoration. My 8 restores my satisfaction to this day. I only have to look at it, which I often do, to feel good.

I guess I actually invested in myself…because my projects have been mentors in their own right for me. Teachers. And iron fisted learning curves, that left me all the better for it as a person.

So here’s our pick at Trade Classics of endorphin tickling, restoration projects that will make you feel mighty in the end; and could well be mentors and teachers in their own right.

Invest in yourself with this BMW turbo. Just imagine glancing back at what a beauty of a fresh 2002 you breathed new life into! This looks to be a light restoration and we are delighted to be consigning a second example within the space of a year. We will have more details the closer we get to consignment so subscribe to our email to make sure you do not miss out on such a glorious opportunity.

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