By Adam Purrier
February 2024

EXPOSED – Top 10 Classic Car Investments in 2024


Navigating the world of classic cars with a modest budget opens up a realm of exciting possibilities. In 2024, these mid-range classics not only cater to the enthusiasts’ passion for classic automobiles but also present an excellent opportunity for smart investments. Join us as we explore the top 10 classic cars up to the £50,000 that offer a balance of affordability, charm, and potential appreciation in the UK market.

Jaguar XJS (1975-1996):
The Jaguar XJS, with its distinctive long hood and sleek lines, provides a taste of British luxury at an affordable price. With various engine options and classic styling, it’s a sophisticated choice for those seeking a mid-range investment. We’ve sold a lot of later convertible Celebration models for rocket money over the last few years, but that market is cooling, and maybe the coupé Celebrations in a safe colour could be the next riser in 2024.

Porsche 944 (1982-1991):
The Porsche 944, a front-engine classic from the renowned German marque, offers a thrilling driving experience. With its balanced performance and timeless design, it presents an attractive option for collectors looking for a Porsche without the high-end price tag.

BMW 2002 (1968-1976):
The BMW 2002, often credited with launching the German brand’s sporting reputation, is a nimble and stylish classic. Its driving dynamics and classic ’70s aesthetic make it a compelling choice for mid-range investors. For around £15,000 to £20,000 you’ll get a nice one and that’s surely got to be a good longer term investment.

Chevrolet Corvette C3 (1968-1982):
Okay so we’re not American car specialists, but we have sold a few over the years and quite well connected in the community. Our sources tell us that the Chevrolet Corvette C3, with its striking body lines and powerful V8 engines are rising in popularity, and early models offer distinctive styling and performance, making them an appealing investment.

Mercedes-Benz SL (R107, 1971-1989):
The Mercedes-Benz SL R107, with its iconic design and robust build quality, remains a sought-after classic. Offering open-top motoring and the allure of the three-pointed star, it’s an excellent investment – facelift examples will always be in more demand and if you can get one that’s been breathed on by the SLShop then that will add value too.

Alfa Romeo Spider (Duetto, 1966-1993):
The Alfa Romeo Spider, especially the early Duetto models, combines Italian style with an open-top driving experience. Affordable yet elegant, it’s a classic that appeals to enthusiasts seeking a touch of La Dolce Vita. Later models are exceptional value making a good longer-term bet.

Jaguar XK8 (1996-2006):
The Jaguar XK8, a modern classic, offers a blend of performance and luxury. With its smooth V8 engine and graceful design, it provides an affordable entry into the world of Jaguar’s grand tourers. A late model convertible, with few owners and low miles will always be in demand, but let’s not forget about earlier models that are purer in design. Afterall, look at what happened to the value of early S1 E-Types – maybe one day the same will happen to early XK8s.

Datsun 280ZX (1978-1983):
The Datsun 280ZX, a successor to the iconic 240Z, offers a more refined driving experience. With its ’80s styling and reliable performance, it’s an accessible classic for those looking to invest in Japanese automotive heritage. And the Japanese market is on the rise – so if you buy right then this could be a savvy investment.

Ford Capri (1969-1986):
The Ford Capri, often dubbed as the European Mustang, is a stylish and affordable classic from the blue oval. Its sporty design and diverse model range make it a compelling choice for mid-range investors. There are lots of bad examples out there, so spend the time and get a fully original one, with few owners if you can, then hold on to it.

Triumph TR6 (1968-1976):
The Triumph TR6, a classic British sports car, boasts a timeless design and a spirited driving experience. With its straight-six engine and open-top configuration, it’s an attractive investment option for those seeking an affordable piece of British motoring history. Again we’ve sold loads of these and prices have tumbled last year with good examples being about £5k down on previous years. So right now £15k will buy you a nice example to use, improve and see what happens over time.

For enthusiasts with a budget ranging up to £50,000, the classic car market in the UK offers a rich and varied selection of timeless vehicles. These mid-range classics not only provide a satisfying driving experience but also present a promising avenue for investment, combining affordability with the charm of vintage motoring. As always, thorough research and expert advice are key to making informed decisions in this dynamic market – we’re not giving any financial / investment advice here and prices can go down as well as up, we’re just saying our view on what we’d be buying if we were in a squirelling mood.