By Tom Brett
6th February 2020

Travelling Abroad With Your Classic Car

Britain has some of the best roads in the world when it comes to pleasure. The Atlantic Highway, Land of the Lakes, the Moors in Yorkshire, and the North Coast 500 in Scotland – the list goes on and on. Perhaps meadows, moors and mountains are not enough – looking far & wide beyond our sacred island for something similarly extraordinary.

Once you have planned your route, you will need to figure out the logistics of your journey – cue Trade Classics – we are here to help you with measures that will need to be taken and recommendations of future developments that involve BREXIT.

First of all, check where you can use your driving licence. Currently, in European Countries you are able to to travel more free opposed to outside of the EU where you will need and International Driving Permit (IDP). You can check on the government website here and apply at your nearest Post Office branch.

Current Government Recommendations When Travelling Abroad

Prepare your Driving Licence, V5 logbook and Insurance

Check if your driving licence is due to expire as well as your V5 logbook. Both take around 1-2 months to get renewed if they have expired or you have changed your address. Make sure all details line up such as your name and address with you insurance certificate.

Please check with your insurer to see if your policy is eligible in the country you are travelling to. You will also need a green card – an international insurance certificate – in countries outside of the European Union, which you will most likely need for Europe as of next year.

If you fail to bring any of these documents that are required to the country of visitation you may not be allowed to cross the border into this particular country.

Check Overseas Driving Rules

Rules will clearly vary from country to country. Local speed limits and drink driving rules will be enforced and you may get a fine if you break them. Most countries require their citizens to have extra equipment, so to say on the safe side of the law make sure you take some extra equipment with you than you are used to – a reflective jacket and warning triangle, emission permits that may take weeks to get delivered, headlight converter stickers and a GB sticker. GB stickers are highly advised as most classic car number plates do not have the EU badge on them.

Brexit Rules

As passionate car enthusiasts we are always looking to go abroad with our cars. We will be posting updates of the future developments with BREXIT rules that will impact all things travelling, importing and selling concerning the EU. Please keep up-to-date by following all of our articles concerning this and subscribing to our weekly email below.



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