By Mike Atwal
5th December 2019

What’s the best Christmas present for a petrol head?

The car they lust after of course!

If you love the-petrol-head-in-your-life oh so much, but can’t quite splash out on their next dream set of wheels, have a cheeky little look at this lot; all great festive treats for car lovers.

A scale model of the love of their life.

This Jaguar E Type Convertible (1961) Diecast Model Car is Dark Green and features working wheels and also opening bonnet with engine, doors. It is made by Bburago and is 1:18 scale (approx. 24cm / 9.4in long).

That particular example will be £39.99. But if you really want to go the extra mile why not get a 1:8 model from Jag themselves? Well if you have £7,250, it’s all yours.

Driving glove set.

Ladies and gentlemen of the classic car world are always looking to drive in comfort.. especially when their classic’s clutch and gearbox is playing up in the freezing cold weather.

Aspinal of London make leather gloves that look great for driving in. Starting from £40.00 and have other great gift ideas that have a vintage and classy touch to them.

Please make sure the colour of the gloves matches with the interior, we don’t want your other half looking silly in their classic now do we?


Classic cars become endangered species during the winter time so having a protective cover over it would be desirable if you are unable to dry store. Nobody wants to see the love of their life start to perish in the harsh conditions, because if this happens, then the kids trip to Disneyland will have to be cancelled and they will need to wait in the local cafe whilst the mechanic finishes up.

These range into the hundreds of pounds but show your car off so nicely, have a look online. If the budget is stretched then you can always get a car cover.

Compact booster.

If your other half brave enough to take your car out in the cold then a compact booster may come in handy for them.

It will come in handy for you too because if you’re both going on a trip away together and decide to take the classic then this will surely reduce the risk of any arguments on the way there.



Lastly, if you’re still looking for that dream car, 2020 may be the year you find it. Register as a private buyer and list the makes / models you’re interested in. We will then let you know when we get a matching vehicle before anyone else!