By Mike Atwal
5th September 2019

When did one day become yesterday?

In 1990 I said, “one day I will buy a BMW 8 series”. On the 12th of September 2009 I was telling everybody this, “yesterday I bought an 840ci”. This year is its tenth anniversary of having to put up with me.

I want us to share our car buying dreams that we made happen. So we can inspire others who are thinking of jumping into the classic car ring but have not quite taken the first step yet. Buying a classic car can often be quickly put into the box of ‘investment’, with a monetary value attached. I am throwing re-sale value right out of the window on this one. Whether it is a sub 5k old BMW, or Ferrari F40 you have your sights on, ultimately you will be investing in yourself. And money spent on oneself is never a waste.

In 1990 my grandfather and I pulled up into an East London petrol station in his Nissan Sunny. I was seven. I spotted a red 850i. The owner looked so cool.

“Grandad, can we get one of those?”

“Son, one day you’ll understand money doesn’t grow on trees.”

And that I did understand only too well in time. But the dream never left me. Nineteen years later when the 8 series dipped into sub 5k territory, I turned one day into yesterday. My 8 has brought joy, meaningful value into my life in the form of wonderful friendships and produced lovely memories.

It perhaps shaped who I became, after all I have crossed the gap from young man to the older gent with it. I still have the image of the tall, elegant well dressed chap that jumped out of the red 850i in 1990. I somehow imagined what his life would be like. Similar to mine today in a way. I strive everyday to do the best I can, and when I come home and see my 8, it spurs me on even more.

The 8 has always been a teacher for me. It taught me not to have knee jerk reactions in tough financial situations – I once needed a new roof at home a year after buying it, so I put the 8 up for sale on e-Bay – it sold. The buyer let me down. Best thing ever. The roof got sorted anyhow. The 8 also taught me that we all need something in life that allows us to be who we want to be. No matter what troubles I have, a one hour drive in my 8 gives me an escape.

I become that elegant, well dressed chap who jumped out of a shiny 8 series 1990.

Let’s share our stories here, you have heard mine, now it is your turn.