By Mike Atwal
19th September 2019

Who is your car buying buddy?

Buying a car that you have always wanted is a special moment in your life. And given the nature of the law of physics that mankind can only drive one car at a time, we sometimes need a helping hand on the momentous day – a hand that will hold our hand to guide us through and say;

“Go on. Do it.”

Having kindly driven us to the location first.

Ten years ago, my good friend Shaker accompanied me to buy my 8 series. He held my hand with it all. Drove me there, removed the guilt from the whole idea, and I felt safe knowing that if I had any issues, I was not alone. I had previously enjoyed the same sort of day out with him when he went to buy a Lexus GS300 Sport. How did we meet? At a car meet of course. At the Ace Cafe. We both had 90’s Nissan Primeras as our first cars and got talking. Mainly about our boy racer modifications. Yes, I know. But we were 18 years old or so.

We chatted for ages, and a long lasting friendship of nearly 18 years is the irreplaceable gift of that.

We have held each others hand for many a car buying jaunt, not to mention more significant things in life such as weddings, business ideas…and, now he has kids, we regularly wonder what cars will be the first cars of choice for the future petrol head generation. Perhaps cars that their father and I will not even understand!

Buying a significant car to you is a wonderful experience, usually shared with a person close to you. Who becomes closer on that day.

Let’s share our stories about car buying buddies. Bonds created with memories no doubt.