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*** UPDATE: This car has now been sold for £30,750 all inclusive ***

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The MK2 (Mark 2) Jaguar was produced from 1959 to 1967. Following on from Sir Williams Lyons famous advertising slogan of “Grace, pace and space“. It came in three engine variants; the 2.4L, 3.4L and the 3.8L. All of the engines were straight sixes, with variations in the carburation and manifolds.

The MK2 featured some subtle yet significant changes to the body of the car. A variety of changes that included slimmer pillars all around the car and larger windows all around, resulted in an 18% increase in the visibility/glass in the car. This really paid tribute to the aforementioned slogan.

This particular example has been extensively restored in a no expense spared professional restoration costing over £34,000, after the car had suffered some fire damage. The result of this restoration now leaves this MK2 in condition which has to be considered best in class, possibly the best MK2 for sale on the market right now.



This expertly no expense spared restored Jaguar MK2 is owned by Mark. Mark has owned this car for nearly three years and has built a beautiful car collection of over fifteen cars with the help of his brother-in-law; Rob Carrigan. Mark loves the thrill of buying the best examples he can, once added to his collection he then enjoys driving them when he’s in the country. Mark really does only buy the best-of-the-best examples, and we are very fortunate to be handling the sale of his collection.

So why is Mark now selling his collection? Well, Mark is based overseas and these days he doesn’t get the opportunity to drive his collection as much as he’d like, as more recently his business opportunities are keeping him abroad, so the time has come to pass the cars to new custodians.

Rob looks after the collection for Mark and no expense has been spared in the maintenance of the vehicles. Rob makes sure that whatever the cars need is actioned straight away using specialist garages and original parts. Even the finest indoor covers have been purposely made for each individual car at a cost of over £300 each, and are included in the sale. Every car is securely stored in a new and dry professional unit, as can be seen in our media footage.



Finished in Sherwood Green, the car looks very grand and of-the-time. It really is a stunning car I am sure you will agree, the chrome trim and matching wire-wheels really setting off the cars presence. The car has undergone a full restoration which is clearly visible from the media we took when visiting the car.

Wheels & Tyres
Spoked wire wheels keep the car firmly planted on the road. The tyres are in good condition all around, and the wheels look exceptional. The metal spokes look fresh, and the centre caps also have a lovely mirror like quality.

Having been fully restored, we observed that the bodywork on the Jaguar is dent free, and all of the shut lines and panel gaps to be correct. The underside of the car is also extremely clean, and this would be expected as Mark hasn’t driven the car much in his ownership. Take a look at the videos which particularly showcase the rust and rot free bodywork.

The paint finish on this car is something to admire, even if the Sherwood Green colour is not your favourite. It has a deep and thick appearance to it, with no orange peel. The paint looks consistently rich across the entire bodywork, which is quite something when you consider the intricate design of the front end. In the light, the paint has a mirror like quality, as seen in the exterior review video.

Glass and Trim
Glass and trim across the car is exceptional. With the car being fully restored, the brightwork was also covered in this no expense spared project. The MK2 features a lot of chrome across the car, and we did not observe any pitting across the entire vehicle. Take a look at the video of the exterior to see for yourself.



With some classic cars of this era, the cabin can often leave you wanting. Not the case with the MK2, and certainly not the case with this example. Along with the exterior and the mechanics of this car, the interior has been beautifully restored to original specification, whilst still maintaining some patina to give you that classic car experience.

Seats and Carpets
Finished in a matching green colour combination to the exterior, the interior has been expertly restored. The carpets look in really good condition, tight to the bodywork throughout along with being clean and wear free. The seats are really something, they have been treated and restored so that signs of wear are minimal, but a beautiful patina comes through to show the cars age. Sitting in the car as a passenger was a joy, the cushioning and springs supporting my buttocks nicely.

The wood on the dash has been treated so that it looks very smart, and the dials have also been refreshed across the entire dash panel. All working correctly, and the restoration meaning their legibility is possibly better than factory.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
The car features a wooden Moto Lita steering wheel in a matching wood combination to the interior. The gearstick is a smart chrome and black number, the gear configuration clearly visible and the black leather gaiter in good condition too.



H took me on a drive in the Jaguar, as it’s his most favourite car in the collection. The car performed well on our drive, and we’ve documented the mechanical condition of the car below along with our usual ‘on the road’ video.

Engine and Gearbox
H tells us that mechanically the car was restored in 2009. The engine started on the second attempt in the video (possibly user error in not running the starter motor for longer) with minimal effort, and there were no signs of blue smoke etc. Just to let you know, we did initially start it at the back of the garage to allow us move the car into a position for filming, hence why there is a few extra degrees on the thermometer – the car started first go with no smoke that time. On the road the engine pulled strong and went through the gears as expected, including use of the over drive. Take a look at the video to review the footage showing this.

Suspension and Brakes
On our drive, H had no issues with the handling of the car, and as a passenger it was a very comfortable ride. Brake discs all round ensure the car has the stopping power required for a car of this size. There is no power steering on this car.

The Drive
The drive with H was a brisk and cosseted experience in the MK2. We went out on a short run covering a variety of surfaces and the car performed without fault.

Electrics and Other
Everything on the car worked as it should, the dials across the dash and other ancillaries performing without issue.



The car comes with an extensive invoice and associated details around the professional restoration that was completed by Southern Classics – link here. In addition to this, there are some MOT’s that come with the car, and more recent invoices and works completed in Mark’s ownership.

As mentioned in the introduction, this car has benefited from a no expense spared professional restoration, that was completed after the car suffered fire damage in the engine bay. As a result of this the car does have a Cat C insurance claim against it – we don’t consider this an issue with a car of this quality and in almost concours condition, however, Mark acknowledges this and has reduced his reserve price accordingly; making it quite a bargain for the next lucky custodian.

The car is showing just over 78,567 as of 14.06.2018.

HPi Check Results
– This car has a Cat C claim against it.

Mileage Records
– 06.06.1996 – 65,496 miles
– 21.05.1997 – 66,814 miles
– 02.06.1998 – 68,245 miles
– 28.08.2002 – 70,446 miles
– 01.09.2003 – 71,921 miles
– 24.08.2004 – 72,326 miles
– 04.01.2006 – 73,057 miles
– 30.10.2007 – 73,673 miles
– 18.03.2009 – 73,816 miles
– 11.05.2010 – 76,947 miles
– 06.05.2011 – 77,442 miles
– 26.03.2014 – 77,689 miles
– 05.03.2015 – 77,798 miles
– 09.03.2016 – 78,538 miles
– 25.03.2017 – 78,568 miles



The MK2 Jaguar is one of the cars, along with the E-Type, that really propelled Jaguar to success in the 1960’s. It really did live up the the “pace” mantra that Sir Williams Lyon coined, so much so that it has a reputation for being a favourite getaway car amongst criminals and conversely used by the Police too.

From my inspection, the restoration that has been completed on this car is second to none. The exterior has been completed to such a high standard, you could argue that it is better than factory. The mechanical restoration also is clearly visible in the smooth running of the engine and transmission, and the freshness of the underpinnings on the chassis. Top that off with an interior restoration which has smartened up the car whilst maintaining beautiful patina on the leather of the seats, and you have what we think is the best MK2 available in the UK right now.

The car may well have a Cat C against its history, but when you factor in the care, effort and expense that has gone in to the restoration and preservation of this vehicle, it becomes a bit of an irrelevance really.

Buy this car, show it, enjoy it, and it will serve you for many many years to come.


This auction listing was written by Kulraj Singh Salh from information gained from Rob and H, the custodians of the collection, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Rob and H will receive a notification and will reply as soon as they can.

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Adam - Trade Classics

Hello all… So we’ve had a contact from a previous owner and his father-in-law has more history about the car – here’s what he said: With reference to the green Jaguar, it belonged to my father in law who purchased it from a London solicitor in the early eighties when he resided in Essex. It was the family car used for all common duties including the family camping holiday in Italy. When the recession hit he had to sell and his brother purchased the car keeping it in the family. I helped my father in law sell the car due… Read more »

Clint Beagle
Clint Beagle

I notice in the video of the test drive the gearlever moves in 2nd gear (@ 3mins 40 secs or so)
Please confirm any issues with the gearbox?