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SOLD for £14,045

A beautiful, timeless body, a mighty V8 under the hood and exotic details inside and out; the Jaguar XK8 offers sublime road trips.

SOLD for £21,200

Cool Iced Blue Convertible, a stunningly specced XJS.

SOLD for £12,720

One of the most desirable XJS models ever produced, this lovely Red V12 convertible attracts plenty of attention.

SOLD for £38,160

A lovely example on the E-Type having lived most of its life in the US.

SOLD for £7,420

The effortless XK8 is a joy to drive, perfect for a summer evening drive.

SOLD for £42,280

A great home market car that's ready to be enjoyed.

SOLD for £25,705

A lovely MKII coming fresh from long term ownership.

SOLD for £40,280

A very nice LHD S2 with matching numbers.

SOLD for £37,806

One quick and performance focussed car - the XKR-S is a beast.

SOLD for £59,000

Instantly recognisable all over the world, the E-Type is arguably the most iconic sports car of all time.

SOLD for £14,045

A lovely post-war Jaguar that's been owned for the last 24 years.

SOLD for £41,075

A fantastic S1 2+2 with the most amount of history we've every seen.

SOLD for £14,840

Stunning, low mileage XJS V12 in an ever popular colour sheme

SOLD for £11,660

A rare beast and awesome in Signal Red.

SOLD for £80,000

Series 2 cars don't come around like this everyday - an exceptional car.

SOLD for £31,005

A good usable SIII in LHD form.

SOLD for £29,415

A lovely MKII with all the right ingredients - ready for summer shows.

SOLD for £11,000

Prices are on the up and the 50k mile example is a keeper.

SOLD for £14,840

Offering the perfect blend of luxury and performance, the Mark X is incredibly serene while being one of the fastest saloons of its time

SOLD for £30,740

A cracking XJ that stands out in a sea of used and abused examples.

SOLD for £14,840

A stunning XKR that's ready to be enjoyed, and a bit more pep under the hood

SOLD for £70,173

A UK home market example, coming to market from long term family ownership

SOLD for £13,462

A lovely example of the modern XKR, a perfect summer GT with the retractable roof

SOLD for £5,617

An exceptional one owner car that's ready to be enjoyed.

SOLD for £36,000

MKII in stunning condition with fantastic history

SOLD for £6,995

25 Year Ownership | Smooth V12 | Luxurious

SOLD for £10,600

Arguably one of the best XJ40s available on the market.

SOLD for £54,060

A cracking example of an E-Type roadster, a UK RHD coming to market from long ownership

SOLD for £14,840

SOLD for £12,720

A great V12 example that's been loved and now looking for new love :)

SOLD for £8,480

One very well cared for XK8 - is there any better value modern classic!

SOLD for £8,480

Beautiful, well looked after Big Cat

SOLD for £170,660

The Exclusive E-Type - 1974 Jaguar E-Type V12 Commemorative

SOLD for £68,900

A beautiful FHC that's ready to be used and enjoyed.

SOLD for £93,810

An original flat floor '61 car in roadster configuration - a big deal E-Type!

SOLD for £56,180

A properly sorted S1.5 Jaguar E-Type subject to an extensive restoration.

SOLD for £30,210

What a stunning modern performance car - we love the V6 S and this is an incredible example.

SOLD for £43,000

Sophisticated Jaguar class and elegance, this XK150 has been owned and cared for by avid collectors and enthusiasts.

SOLD for £14,310

A cracking blend of style, comfort and intoxicating power, just what you expect from Jaguar

SOLD for £21,730

A great Celebration in a period '90s colour - ready for the summer!

SOLD for £39,750

Years of investment, time, care and energy have resulted in this stunning E-Type restoration.

SOLD for £42,400

A lovely SIII in Old English White - prices are on the rise.

SOLD for £8,268

Beautifully presented, one owner XJ8 convertible

SOLD for £2,120

Fast being a modern classic and with so few remaining an opportunity for investment too.

SOLD for £30,000

An exceptional MKII with a recent restoration from JD Classics.

SOLD for £7,632

The undeniably ultimate grand tourer with it's presence and performance in equal measure - the Jaguar XJS "HE".

SOLD for £21,306

An excellent quality late 5.0L XKR with optional "Speed Pack"

SOLD for £9,010

A lovely XK8 convertible, in great condition having only passed through a few hands

SOLD for £63,000

A well documented, low mileage and cared for example of a classic head-turner.

SOLD for £39,995

Comprehensively restored

SOLD for £23,585

Extremely powerful with its 5 litres supercharged V8 and aerodynamic body.

SOLD for £37,100

One of Jaguar's finest - the MKII with offers drivers and passengers with grace, space and pace.

SOLD for £8,480

The last of the old-school Jaguars, they have a huge cult following and the stock of the XJS has been rising steadily over time.

SOLD for £6,467

Beautifully presented classic cat.

SOLD for £95,400

The final phase of the E-Type, this late Series 3 Roadster benefits from a complete rebuild and a pampered life.

SOLD for £16,960

The product of JaguarSport - the XJR-S was the ultimate performance variant of the classic grand tourer.

SOLD for £19,995

A great entry into 3.8 MKII ownership with that all important manual gearbox.

SOLD for £5,088

Superb colourway, DB7 suspension upgrade, 21 year ownership

SOLD for £31,800

A beautiful 3.4 in stunning condition - a great buy with investment potential.

SOLD for £5,300

Elegant predator with fantastic history

SOLD for £8,216

Less than 25K on the clock, all under one family ownership.

SOLD for £81,620

A superb S2 roadster that's had a lot of money spent and ready to go.

SOLD for £12,720

Immaculate, full service history - utterly beautiful.

SOLD for £13,780

Restored to a high level of detail.

SOLD for £5,830

The XJS V12 is one of the most iconic and sought-after Jaguars to date - a fine maturing grand tourer.

SOLD for £42,500

One of the most iconic sports cars of all time - the Jaguar E-Type with all the right ingredients - the legendary series 1.

SOLD for £16,960

A fantastic XKR that's ready for the new owner.

SOLD for £43,460

The last iteration of the iconic E-Type, featuring a silky smooth V12 from Jaguar

SOLD for £40,232

A UK car that's getting harder to find in such original condition.

SOLD for £17,279

A lovely V12 GT, in the desirable convertible form with red over cream colourway

SOLD for £61,500

A superb E-Type Roadster that's ready to be enjoyed this summer.

SOLD for £11,342

Looking for an iconic and desirable grand tourer? - The facelifted XJS will meet all your needs.

SOLD for £31,800

Grace, Space, and Pace, The 1962 Jaguar MKII 3.8 manages it all.

SOLD for £23,320

A very low-mileage powerhouse that's ready to pounce.

SOLD for £50,880

A stunning FHC in black - really showing those gorgeous lines off.

SOLD for £8,480

A proper modern classic with a superlative 5.3L - the Jaguar XJSC cabriolet.

SOLD for £42,400

The last generation of the legendary E-Type, UK RHD with room for 4

SOLD for £29,499

Beautifully restored to a high standard.

SOLD for £19,080

A well preserved and maintained example of the most desirable XJS.

SOLD for £28,090

The ultimate in XJS refinement, the Celebration convertible is the one to have.

SOLD for £14,363

Fast and elegant, ready to prowl the street of Monaco - 2006 Jaguar XK Convertible

SOLD for £23,320

A very special Jaguar, and the quickest to go on sale since 1992 - The 174mph Jaguar XKR-S

SOLD for £6,148

Style mixed with 300BHP from the burbling 4.2L V8 block.

SOLD for £19,610

A competition-bred saloon with a climate protected body.

SOLD for £24,380

Plenty of feel-good factors for really not much money - the F-Type will always be something special.

SOLD for £1,325

Grace, Space and Pace in the 1996 Jaguar XJ6 X300 Executive

SOLD for £11,766

The bold and sporty new XJ - 2010 Jaguar XJ Luxury V6 D

SOLD for £18,020

Jaguar's finest -the 1968 Jaguar MkII 3.4 Manual

SOLD for £21,200

Fast, attractive and great to drive - the Jaguar MKII 3.2L (MOD)

SOLD for £46,110

Coming out of long ownership and built to a lovely GT spec, a UK RHD Series 1 E-Type

SOLD for £29,998

A simply stunning MkII Jaguar owned by Les - and 3.8 with overdrive too!

SOLD for £15,900

A high mileage example, but also well cared for, ready to be used in the sun

SOLD for £15,400

"One lady owner" as the saying goes. Full service history and loved from new

SOLD for £29,995

A series one E-Type in a very rare colour - now live on auction

SOLD for £27,030

This stunning MKII Jag, manual with overdrive, power steering and the 3.8L engine is coming to auction...

SOLD for £27,500

A V12 engine with a beautiful sound, what hasn't been said about an E-type over the years

SOLD for £50,000

This stunning car, finished in dark blue, has undergone a restoration in 2011 is now up for sale...