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    420 SL R107
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    Very Good
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    Brown / Black
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    Yes - Checking in progress
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    1 Year
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    1 Year
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    4 Years
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*** Private Sale Now Available ***

Available for £14,840 all inc.

Get in touch. If you are interested in this vehicle then please call us on 01926 426 635, or fill out the contact us form and we’ll get back to you.


In 1971, R107 Mercedes-Benz SL took off where its R113 predecessor left off. Fitted with a V8 engine and blessed with a soft top, this range of cars were the staple-mark of Mercedes for almost two decades. These are in such high demand at the moment due to their comfortable ride and automatic gearbox.

We meet Dev, who absolutely loves the smooth ride of these cars, but unfortunately due to a new business venture he is going to say goodbye, but he wants the new owner to cherish it. Please read more and review all photos and videos during our visit.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Dev (the owner) then please click here to send him a message – Dev will get back to you asap.

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Recent Buyer Review – Simon Welsh on 1st May “Found my ideal 90’s sports car on Trade Classics. Living in Bournemouth and the car being in the Midlands I relied heavily on the advert, photos and videos.

On picking the car up I wasn’t disappointed. Everything was as it had been described. So I got straight into it and drove home. What a drive put a smile on my face.

Thanks very much Trade Classics and I’m now looking out for my next classic to add to the collection.”.

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Dev really does love the Mercedes. In the ‘Meet the Owner’ video he talks about the smooth ride, soft-top and chrome platings the car possesses. He has owned this fine example for almost 4 years – taking great care of it throughout his ownership.

During his time with the car Dev has given great care to it. He used the vehicle in dry months (May to October) and has run up 1,000 miles a year in it. He loved going to the pub with its soft top down and his sunglasses on.

Dev is now retired and has just recently left his restaurant business and will be spending more time in Cyprus hence he will have to sell his beloved 420 SL. He wants the new owner to have a passion for these iconic classics so they can care for it as much as he has and perhaps do minor repairs to it.

“The main reason for me to sell the car is that I have retired from my restaurant business and will be spending more time in Cyprus now hence little time left to spend on my much loved Mercedes SL



This iconic classic is sprayed with the Champagne Gold that you’re prone to see with Mercedes. All credit goes to Dev who commissioned a paint restoration on it. Since Dev’s owned it he has installed a brand new soft top – which he absolutely loves. Please watch the exterior review video as Glyn our consigner does a great job in reviewing the car.

Wheels & Tyres
The car is fitted with 205/65/15 tyres that are one year old with excellent tread. The original wheels are still looking in good condition.

As we worked our way around the vehicle we were really impressed with the condition. There is slight defects at the edges of the front chrome plating and a little surface rust on some underside areas. Please watch our extensive review of the exterior in the video that details each body panel meticulously. A colour-coded hard top is also available with purchase.

The Champagne Gold looks stunning – on a sunny day it will look even better. As we work our way around the car we see the paintwork to be in excellent condition. There is a slight defect on the nearside rear wheel arch – please see all photos.

Glass and Trim
All trim is in good condition upon our visit. We would recommend the new owner to check the seal by the offside A-pillar as this could do with replacing.



As you make your way to the interior of the car you really start to get that eighties style around you. Anyone who loves R107’s will love the interior presented with brown leather and the brazil check cloth. Please read below detailing the condition of each part as well as looking at all the photos and videos.

Seats and Carpets
The original seats are in a condition that you would expect of a car this age. There is a rip in the leather of the driver’s seat and wear to the pattern. We would recommend the owner repairing the seats if they desire excellent condition.

All gauges look to be original and in good condition. The overall dashboard is finished in black with wooden trim descending to the gearbox.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Both are in good condition with no issues. The handbrake module has a crack which we would recommend getting remedied.



As we go around Dev’s local area in Leicester we were really impressed with the smooth ride this 420 SL has to offer. The gearbox is a 4-speed automatic allowing you to leisurely cruise through the British roads. The car is fitted with the original 4.2L V8 engine – some examples around the world are known to have completed in excess of one million miles.

Engine and Gearbox
Please watch the ‘On the Road’ video to see the car start first time from cold (6 Degrees). The gears change without any rejection or unwanted noise.

Suspension and Brakes
The brakes are responsive as you would expect after Dev has replaced the brake pads. The suspension works very well, a smooth drive.

The Drive
Dev mentions the power steering works well but there is a little play when centred. Glyn was impressed with the ride.

Electrics and Other
All electrics and gauges on the dashboard and lights work as expected – apart from the clock and Dev mentions there is a defect with the heater motor that will need to be repaired. The horn also does not work. It is fitted with a DAB/USB modern stereo – the aerial works mechanically from inside as well as both windows.



Dev has supplied us with over one hundred photos of paperwork that has been kept since the first owner. It comes with the original service booklet. Some MOT papers have been lost over time, however, the service history in the earlier years details the mileage of the car very well.

13.06.2019 – 139,269 (MOT)
25.05.2019 – 139,101 (Service)
13.06.2018 – 138,014 (MOT)
15.05.2018 – 138,007 (Service)
15.02.2017 – 137,180 (MOT)
02.02.2017 – 137,010 (Service)
10.02.2016 – 135,763 (Service)
20.01.2016- 135,237 (MOT)
18.01.2016 – 135,182 (Full Service)
07.10.2013 – 134,229 (MOT)
04.10.2012 – 132,300 (MOT)
22.09.2011 – 130,550 (MOT)
06.08.2010 – 128,648 (MOT)
29.07.2009 – 127,004 (MOT)
18.02.2009 – 124,330 (Service)
14.05.2009 – 126,299 (MOT)
08.08.2008 – 112,770 (MOT)
05.04.2007 – 105,226 (MOT & Service)
28.11.2005 – 103,341 (MOT)
28.06.2005 – 102,592 (Service)
23.11.2004 – 99,572 (MOT)
26.07.2004 – 97,990 (Service)
27.11.2003 – 94,888 (MOT)
21.11.2002 – 90,095 (MOT)
27.11.2001 – 87,779 (MOT)
27.11.2000 – 77,970 (MOT)
25.11.1999 – 71,156 (Service)
30.06.1999 – 62,405 (Service)
25.11.1999 – 71,156 (MOT)
10.03.1999 – 52,999 (Service)
27.11.1998 – 43,880 (MOT)
06.08.1998 – 37,267 (Service)
26.11.1997 – 20,144 (Service)
24.07.1997 – 19,926 (MOT)
27.06.1996 – 18,503 (MOT)
19.10.1995 – 17,875 (Service)
22.03.1995 – 17,578 (MOT)
30.04.1994 – 17,370 (Service)
01.05.1992 – 16,173 (Service)
11.12.1990 – 13,859 (Service)
08.12.1989 – 11,381 (Service)
04.10.1988 – 6,111 (Service)
15.10.1987 – 1201 (Service)

HPi Check Results
– HPi clear – available on request.



The R107 as the internal code is known, is firmly regarded as a classic now. Mercedes continued the sport lightweight form from the Pagodas before it with lots of modernisations, but in keeping with the original ethos.

This model is the 4.2L V8 version, and a later produced example which benefits from a better suspension and braking set-up. Finished in gold and looked after, it’s a lovely example for someone to enjoy as the warmer months are on us.

Dev will be sad to see it go but he needs to start taking bookings for his new restaurant.



This listing was written from information supplied by Glyn after meeting Dev, the owner and seller, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Dev will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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gareth62£6,500.0010-Dec-2019 17:41:54 
jenkinp£5,500.0010-Dec-2019 08:44:07 
Chriso9£5,001.0005-Dec-2019 13:57:23 


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Haris Aletras
Haris Aletras

Hi. I need some more photos from the car.Is posible to send me from the area of bulkheads, area behind the headlamps, behind wings) thanks

neil Moye
neil Moye

hi 10k

Chi Tudor-Hart
Chi Tudor-Hart

Has the bulkhead been restored of checked for rust?

Kulraj Salh

Hi, not when we visited. We check over the car as per the videos, but don’t start unscrewing panels etc. You’ll see in the interior review video, that under the carpets the floor pans look good which is often where water gets in from the bulkhead and causes internal surface rust and corrosion.


Is this car still for sale

Kulraj Salh

Hi, yes indeed. Please feel free to give us a call on 01926 426 635 to discuss. Best, Kulraj

vincent Martin
vincent Martin


Is this car still for sale?


Kind Regards

Kulraj Salh

Hi, yes indeed, still available.


Hello is that string holding the rear exhaust back box in place ?

Gurdev Matharoo
Gurdev Matharoo

Hi, that string or cable tie was temporary, I have now put on the proper rubber O rings which were on order from Mercedes


What is the fuel consumption for this vehicle

Gurdev Matharoo
Gurdev Matharoo

Its is 4.2 V8 engine so it will be heavy but injection system is very efficient so pretty good on fuel


Is the replaceable hard top available too?

Gurdev Matharoo
Gurdev Matharoo

Hi yes a colour coded hardtop in very good condition is included in the price

Gurdev Matharoo
Gurdev Matharoo

yes colour coded hardtop is included in price