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3rd of February 2018 at 12:41 PM
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    911 Carrera Conv.
    Manual 5 Speed
    Reg. Date
    05 10 1984
    3.2 (3,164)
    GP White
    Interior Colour
    Interior Trim
    Chassis #
    Engine #
    Matching #s
    Last Service
    May 2017 - Porsche
    Yes - 2013-16
    Engine Rebuild
    On SORN - Oct 17
    MOT Exempt
    Road Tax Exempt
    HPi Clear
    # of Keys
    LHD or RHD
    UK RHD
    Vehicle Visited
    Sale Type
    1 Year
    Key Feature
    6702 times



***Auction Ended – Sold for £30,475 including buyer’s premium***

Please read the How it Works page for more information and our Terms and Conditions of sale.



The Carrera 3.2 is a very popular air-cooled Porsche that ran for the whole 80’s decade.  It’s instantly recognisable by its large ‘whale tail’ with the turbo version of this car adorning most small children’s bedroom walls in the 1980’s. People sometimes refer to them as ‘impact bumper‘ as they were fitted with receding bumpers that could cope with small accidents as part of US regulations.

Being a 1984 model, this car is fitted with the 915 gearbox with 5 speed transmission.  There is much debate on forums regarding the 915 vs the later G50 box.  It’s true the G50 is a good box, but there is nothing wrong with the 915 in 5 speed configuration and still provides that mechanical manual enjoyment factor in bucket loads.

The 3.2 engine is simply amazing and rightly deserves the terms ‘bullet proof’ and ‘over engineered’.  Here at Trade Classics we have a lot of experience in these cars as both Adam and I own 1989 coupé versions of the car, and have covered many miles in them.  During those years the only things to have gone wrong is a starter motor on Adam’s car and an alternator on mine.  Maintenance is straight forward and lots of servicing jobs like oil and spark plug changes can easily be carried out by a home mechanic.

The main things to look out for on 911’s of this era are as follows. Rust around the lower section of the ‘B’ posts and the front section of the front wings as they rust from the inside out, if you see any bubbling in this area then it’s usually too late and will need serious work.  Joins in the scuttle where the front wings link can also be hot spot rust areas and around the windscreen too.  We have found no visable issues on any of these areas on this car.



Simon has owned this car for just under a year, and in that time barely put 500 miles on the clock. So you might be thinking, why the sale, bag ‘o’ nails perhaps. Certainly not!

Having always wanted an air-cooled 911, Simon looked long and hard before finding this fully restored example which came with all important history and traceability. However, living in the South West of England, as beautiful as the countryside is, comes with its downsides; rain. Simon has found that it’s just too wet for him to enjoy the car in amongst his busy life.

As mentioned, Simon has not put many miles on the car, just taking it on a few trips to the coast and the collection mileage from Bournemouth where he bought it. There’s lots he loves about the car, but keeping the car in its beautifully restored condition, out of the wet, has meant that he will sadly be parting with the car.



This beautiful 911 Carrera has been fully restored back to its original beauty in Grand Prix White. There are pictures of the restoration included in the gallery section below. The only blemish on the car is an unfortunate chip to the paint on the OSR wing where it meets the engine lid.

Part of the restoration that was carried out included fitting and refurbishing the period correct Fuchs wheels for the car. Again, as with the body work, the refurbishment has been documented in the images below. The Fuchs wheels are flawless.

All panels are free from dents, and as you would expect from a restored and dry stored car; there is no rust. The shut-lines across the entire car, including the blue mohair roof are all visibly correct.

The Grand Prix White looks factory fresh across the entire car. As mentioned above, the only issue is the chipped paint on the rear of the car.

Glass and Trim
Glass and trim as with the rest of the car are all in good order. The seals across various panels all look fresh and new, and follow the correct lines.



Blue; I love blue (as followers to my Instagram account know), and this car has an abundance of it. The interior has been reworked completely, giving you a feeling when you open the door that you’re looking at a car that hasn’t long been off the production line. The door cards particularly grabbed my attention, the leather looking fresh and bursting with new life with the matching blue stitching.  It really is a lovely place to be.

Seats and Carpets
All the seats have been reworked, no sign of cracking on any of the big bolsters. This example comes with the more aggressive, figure hugging seats which feel great to sit in. The carpets are all looking good too, although the floor mat on the drivers side needs a clean from some dirty shoes (tut tut Simon).

The dashboard is in matching blue, and looks factory fresh. The rings and seals on the dials have also been refurbished as you would expect (they put mine to shame!).

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
No expense spared here in the restoration, the steering wheel looks lovely, and the gear stick also looks fresh and black.



Some say the 3.2 is the 911 to own, and this example helps to live up to that reputation. The engine pulls strong, and the ride is direct as you would expect with its rack and pinion steering. Along with the restoration to the bodywork and interior, other key mechanicals have been well maintained and rebuilt over its life. This leaves you with a great car you can drive away and enjoy from the get go.

Engine and Gearbox
The 915 gearbox and clutch had work carried out by Porsche in 2016, details in the history images below, leaving the car easy to drive and engage now. The engine pulls strong, and has the usual idle pattern from a cold start, settling down once the oil is flowing around the system freely.

Suspension and Brakes
The car drives and brakes in a straight line. The ride was just as you would expect in a 3.2, firm but forgiving, and handling the poor condition of the West Country roads with ease.

The Drive
The drive was good, gear changing without any issues, and the car handling well. You can see a short clip of the car running on the road, along with some more footage in our ‘Meet The Owner’ video.

Electrics working fine, in our ‘Interior Review‘ video, you will see the electric windows working well, very important when you will be taking the roof down in the summer.



This car has covered just over 81,000 miles, and with the restoration and mechanical upkeep of the car, it does not show it.

Mileage recorded on HPI check as follows – also, see the extensive history and restoration images in the photos below.

81,000 miles recorded on 7 Jun 2017
81,182 miles recorded on 27 Oct 2016
80,000 miles recorded on 21 Mar 2016
79,953 miles recorded on 25 Sep 2015
75,757 miles recorded on 26 Jul 2008
75,756 miles recorded on 26 Jul 2008
69,450 miles recorded on 8 May 2007
621,000 miles recorded on 23 May 2006
62,740 miles recorded on 6 May 2006

Scrapped – We have no record of this registration being scrapped.
Exported – We have no record of this registration being exported.
Imported – We have no record of this registration being imported.
Stolen – We have no record of this registration being stolen.
Destroyed – We have no record of this registration being destroyed.
Write-off – We have no record of this registration being written off.



We love the Carrera 3.2 model and this is an amazing example at almost entry level money into the 911 club.  Sure the coupé is more desirable in the market, but then it costs a fair bit more money.  Also, you get to hear that air-cooled flat six engine scream behind you as you push the big red needle up higher and higher, on the dial right in front of you.

Simon has set a very low reserve, so it will sell to a new owner here on Trade Classics.  With our prediction of around £30k estimate, this is a gold status investment even in a market that’s cooled off a little in recent months.  You can enjoy this car safe in the knowledge everything has been done that should be done.  It’s a car to really be proud of, there are no areas you’ll want to hide when showing it to family and friends for the first time.  They will be amazed on how good she looks and the condition of the interior and leather seats.

The term ‘better than money in the bank‘ could not be more appropriate to this car.

Buy it. Run it. Enjoy it.




Want to see this car like you’d see it in real life, in eye popping 3D 4K virtual reality?

Well you can as we are the only classic car auction house to film our high value cars in glorious VR.

There are two ways to watch:

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The 3D VR video will then open in your YouTube app – simply select the goggles button and you’re all set.

2D – Laptop / Desktop
Click on the videos below to view in 2D and pan around using your mouse.Top Tip: select a higher resolution in video settings (up to 8k) to see pin sharp quality  – more instructions here.




This auction listing was written by Kulraj Singh Salh from information gained from Simon (owner and seller of the vehicle) and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Simon will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

Also, if you’re on Instagram then why not check out my profile and see all the blue cars I like! @kulrajsalh

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jk38£27,600.0001-Mar-2018 20:20:49 
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portiacraft£25,500.0001-Mar-2018 10:06:15 

Adam Purrier - Trade Classics
6 years ago

Well bought Sam… you’ve had a great buy here… congrats fella…

Gary Turner
Gary Turner
6 years ago

Reserve met? Now that has grabbed my attention. This car is or new Mazda MX5…. this car, new MX5…. … I know what’d I’d have. And the Mazda will be worth 25% less in 6 months, then 50% less in 2.5 years. The 911 on the other hand…

Adam Purrier - Trade Classics
  Gary Turner
6 years ago

Yeah Simon agreed a very low reserve. Lots of interest in the final hours of this beauty. Spoken to lots of interested people on the phone. Personally I love this car… think it’s a keeper Gary… you know, what I do with all my cars… unlike you hahahah

Adam Purrier - Trade Classics
6 years ago

Reserve now met – this car is on sale.

6 years ago

Here is a fond memory for you all. I was driving one of these a few years back during a warm summer night, through an underpass in London. Roof down. Air cooled symphony doing its thing. And in true 80’s fashion, Billy Ocean’s Caribbean Queen playing loudly.

And gracious, upmarket gent that I am, I visited a McDonalds drive through. Happy days.

What my point is, is that despite the miserable weather outside, warm weather will come!

6 years ago

That’s a hell of an in-depth review, on a hell of a car. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Whale tails!

6 years ago

Looks like an amazing restoration this one, like it will actually step you back in time

6 years ago

Wow, this looks incredible. This price is very good. I’d love a 3.2. The cabrio variant looks great. id Not considered one before. The colour is very period. This look good when the roof is down too.

Adam Purrier - Trade Classics
6 years ago

You should buy it James! Would suit you.. but if you’re asking for this as a company car then think again fella 🙂


Boo! Haha. You’d make your money back boss. Easy. Convertible prices are going up. It is Spring soon…
I’m imagining the sound now. Driving enthusiastically through Herts and Bucks

Dillon Right
Dillon Right
6 years ago

Looks nice car… what do you think it will go for… in market for good 3.2 either targa or convertible.

Adam Purrier - Trade Classics
  Dillon Right
6 years ago

Thanks Dillon.
We think £28-36k – reserve is low so could easily go for late 20s and market is slower at the moment. A pre-spring bargain perhaps for someone… 🙂

Gary Turner
Gary Turner
6 years ago

I look at these sorts of cars as offering the potential for ‘free motoring’. The 3.2 Carrera represents great value, and with a healthy level of desirability. Drive it for a year or two, enjoy the sunshine, give it a service (you can easily DIY a normal service on a 3.2 – easy oil change, oil filter, plugs, brakes) and then probably sell it for a little more than you paid for it. These cars I won’t describe as fragile. The 3.2 is more agricultural and robust.

I wish someone had told me earlier in my life just how easy to own a nice 3.2 Carrera actually is. The outlay is modest, the depreciation quite possibly negative and service costs sensible. What’s not to like about that?

Adam Purrier - Trade Classics
  Gary Turner
6 years ago

Couldn’t agree more Gary. At this money it’s the best value 911 on the market right now I think. I fell in love with this example and would be proud to have it in my collection. Just run out of space and an Alfa is calling!!!!

Adam Purrier - Trade Classics
6 years ago

The ‘81,000 miles recorded on 7 Jun 2017’ must be incorrect / data error on the HPI check. The car was never submitted for an MOT then (it was still in MOT until Oct 17) and there is no record of an MOT request on that date on the DVLA site (I’ve checked). I’ve checked the paperwork and there was a bill on 24/05/17 at Porsche Bournemouth 81,339 miles (see images). So proves an error.

Kulraj Salh
6 years ago

Auction now live, a lovely example that someone will be able to enjoy from the get go, what are your initial thoughts?