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    944 S2 Coupe
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    Alpine White
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    11 Years
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    14 Years
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Post-Auction Sale – Sold after auction for £8,500 all inclusive.

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The 944 S2 was the most powerful four-cylinder engine in series production at the time, achieving a top speed of 150mph and was the company’s most successful production car, selling 163,000 units before the Boxster and 997 rose to fame. Subsequently, the front-engined Porsche did not always get the respect it deserved from classic car enthusiasts, until now. Now you are seeing them rise in value in the wake of the ‘911 explosion’ and this very competitively priced example could be yours.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Michael (the owner) then please click here to send him a message – Michael will get back to you asap.

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Recent Buyer Review – Simon Welsh on 1st May “Found my ideal 90’s sports car on Trade Classics. Living in Bournemouth and the car being in the Midlands I relied heavily on the advert, photos and videos.

On picking the car up I wasn’t disappointed. Everything was as it had been described. So I got straight into it and drove home. What a drive put a smile on my face.

Thanks very much Trade Classics and I’m now looking out for my next classic to add to the collection.”.

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Michael has owned this example for the past 13 years. As he was walking through Park Lane back in 1990 he noticed a peculiar looking shape of the Porsche and instantly fell in love. As the years went on he decided the time was right to buy a new car and wasn’t initially looking for a sports coupe, however he saw the peculiar shape again and couldn’t help himself.

Since Michael’s acquisition he has used it sparingly and stored it well. Used as a weekend car, he has done around 1,000 miles a year pleasurably taking it around the back roads of the Breacon Beacons. He joined the Porsche GB club in which he got great advice on the car on the grounds of care and maintenance. There is also a good service history.

Michael will be sad to see the vehicle he loves so much go separate ways, but as he is getting older he understands a sports coupe will not be practical in the future – we both want someone who will take it off his hands and enjoy such a fun classic.



The car looks stunning in Alpine White. We have a made an extensive media file including photos and videos so you can review the whole car’s condition. Our favourite part of the car would have to be the wide rear window, iconic for this model, and the pop-up headlights. This example comes with a sun roof, quite desirable in the market at the moment.

Wheels & Tyres
Michael fitted the car with a full set of Avon ZZ3 255/40/17 (Rear) 205/50/17 (Front) tyres that still have excellent tread as Michael has used the car sparingly. The car comes with 10-spoke Porsche alloys.

This example has been subject to some bodywork replacement for the front wings. Please review the ‘Exterior Review’ video as Matt takes us round the car. The front end of the nearside sill appears to be fitted loosely. The lower ends of the wheel arches were repaired.

After the front wings were replaced a full body respray was commissioned and maintains the Alpine White the car was originally. Please review all the photos and videos to view the overall good condition. The paint is flicking at the top of the windscreen.

Glass and Trim
The windscreen has a small stone chip. We recommend that the new owner review the trim in some areas such as the rear window and sun roof, as this could do with replacing.



We really like the half leather interior in this example, sets the car off with the exterior beautifully. Please review the ‘interior video’ as well as all the photos that details every corner of the vehicle.

Seats and Carpets
The half leather is finished with white pinstriped fabric going through the middle. The driver seat has a rip through it whilst the passenger seat appears in good condition.

The gauges and interior are in very good condition, as can be seen in the media file.

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Both are in good condition in line with the cars age and mileage. We can’t get enough of that iconic Porsche.



We had a great time visiting Michael and got on some really great British roads to test the functionality of the car. Please watch the ‘On the Road’ video as well as the ‘Meet the Owner’ video where Michael talks about what work has been done under his ownership – these details can also be found in the significant history file that comes with the 944.

Engine and Gearbox
At the start of ‘On the Road’ we started the car first time from cold, some usual noises you get from this model which then settled into a smooth tick over. The car is powered by a normally aspirated, dual-overhead-cam 16-valve 3.0L engine. Michael replaced the water pump and timing belt back in 2006 along with fuel pipes in 2007. A new clutch, gearbox mountings and crank shaft sensor followed suit in 2008.

Suspension and Brakes
There were no knocks or rattles on the drive out. We also test the car starting, accelerating and stopping. The pads and wear sensor were faulty meaning a full brake calliper overhaul was sanctioned.

The Drive
The car drives really great – as Mike is older now he thinks the steering is heavy, although a new power steering pump was added in 2018. We enjoyed being in the car with him and felt comfortable along the whole journey. We recommend watching both videos in the car so you can gain a clearer perspective.

Electrics and Other
Michael informs us that all electrics on the car works as expected after our visit. We can see in the videos that the sun roof and windows are fully functional as well as the gauges and dials on the dashboard. There seems to be a minor issue with the heater that michael talks about. There is a letter from a Porsche GB member diagnosing what the potential issue could be in the media file.



The car has enjoyed an adventurous life during the nineties with its previous owners. There is an extensive history file that dates back to the first owner for you to review in the media file at the bottom of the page in which all mechanical works have been documented.

The car has been taken to Porsche specialists to ensure the quality of care and maintenance, including £4,405 worth of work for a respray and other cosmetics in 2018. The car comes with the original handbook.

Michael is will give updates and support about the car when he is available, just leave a comment below.

MOT and Service History

10/05/2019 – 111,079 – (MOT & Engine Service)
18.06.2018 – 111,079 – (Service)
01.06.2018 – 111,079 (MOT)
10.09.2012 – 110,139 (MOT)
13.09.2011 – 108,514 (MOT)
14.09.2010 – 107,149 (MOT)
08.09.2009 – 104,689 (MOT & Service)
13.11.2008 – 103,299 (Service)
11.09.2008 – 103,147 (MOT & Service)
17.09.2007 – 101,822 (Service)
05.09.2006 – 99,099 (MOT & Service)
23.09.2005 – 93,853 (MOT)
09.05.2005 – 93,807 ( MOT & Service)
09.07.2004 – 86,891 (MOT)
22.11.2004 – 90,423 (Service)
20.06.2003 – 77,020 (MOT)
17.07.2002 – 68,194 (MOT)
12.11.2001 – 67,578 (MOT)
09.11.2000 – 64,582 (MOT)
13.11.1999 – 62,110 (MOT)
09.10.1998 – 61,001 (MOT)
16.05.1998 – 59,962(Service)
01.10.1997 – 59,363 (MOT)
17.08.1996 – 58,549 (MOT)
09.04.1996 – 57,945 (Service)
19.08.1995 – 57,030 (MOT)
12.08.1994 – 55,849 (MOT)
28.05.1994 – 55,703 (Service)
15.04.1994 – 55,008 (Service)
09.08.1993 – 51,327 (MOT)
18.10.1992 – 49,138 (Service)

HPi Check Results
– HPi clear – a new HPi check will be actioned and supplied by us.



This is an extremely affordable Porsche that is ready to drive away and have fun in. The 944 was the most successful production car Porsche ever made up to that point boast the best four cylinder engine on the market at the time.

The new owner can take some pride in rectifying some minor issues that car possesses, however, this car has been competitively priced in the market to ensure a smooth sale.

Michael will be sad to see this car go and we would like to thank him for using our hassle-free service that endures no cost to the seller.



This auction listing was written from information supplied by Matt after meeting Michael the owner, and having visited and photographed the vehicle.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Michael will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

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garyT692£7,602.0029-Jan-2020 18:52:41 
SDSUFFOLK£7,401.0029-Jan-2020 18:49:49 
bill4cars£7,200.0029-Jan-2020 17:32:04 
garyT692£6,451.0029-Jan-2020 15:17:43 
SDSUFFOLK£6,250.0029-Jan-2020 10:30:00 
garyT692£6,000.0029-Jan-2020 08:49:40 
SDSUFFOLK£5,500.0028-Jan-2020 22:09:06 
bill4cars£5,000.0028-Jan-2020 20:08:21 
SDSUFFOLK£3,000.0028-Jan-2020 16:20:49 
nikh99£2,750.0027-Jan-2020 17:01:14 


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Paul Clarke
Paul Clarke

Michael Very nice car and congratulations on keeping it looking good. Can I ask a few questions please? 1. Do all the electrics in the car work? mirrors, interior boot release, seats, central locking etc and I saw the windows and sunroof. Is the passenger window operating a little slow? 2. Have you a set of interior mats for the car? 3. Is there a sunroof cover with the car? 4. Is the odometer and trip-meter broken? 5. Does the car have a working alarm and immobiliser? 6.From the pictures it looks like the little heat direction covers are missing… Read more »

Rob Edwards
Rob Edwards


Why is there a six year gap 2012-2018 in the mot/service history please?