By Tom Brett
24th March 2020

Project Cars To Keep You Active

It’s great to see people pulling together in these tricky times, the social distancing measures that people are taking for the safety and wellbeing of the more vulnerable is to be applauded. If some of the measures you are taking have resulted in a big change to your daily routine, we’ve got an idea for how to use some potential free time…

Many of us now have spent hours at home wondering what to do; exercising, eating, working. As petrolheads, this could be a great time to get your hands dirty on a project you’re working on, or maybe thinking about buying one in the near future to keep you busy.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 that we think make great project cars for a reasonable price.

Let us know in the comments if you are working on a project car at the moment, we would love to hear your stories.

Mini Cooper

Not far behind the Beetle mentioned below in terms of sheer numbers on the market, comes the British design icon in the shape of the Mini. The first mass produced car in Britain has the adaptability to chop and change parts as you please. They are extremely cool looking cars and still catch peoples attention even with some wear and tear. If you want a great affordable runaround, this is a great car to get your hands dirty with.

Triumph TR4A

There are a big variety of TR4A’s that need a full restoration, or just need a few little odd jobs done here and there. Parts can come relatively cheap and you may not have to worry about the exterior as much if you just want a daily driver. We have one for sale at a price you will feel comfortable on spending a bit of extra cash on. The interior looks good with the exterior showing some rust that any passionate amateur mechanic to dig their teeth into some rust – not literally though, we don’t advise that in any way!

View the full listing here. You won’t be disappointed.


One of the best daily drivers out there, the E36 is renowned for its simplicity, performance and price in the market today. They are highly available in all forms of condition and you could possibly get one for a good price to then, spend a bit of extra cash in making it your own. Nothing beats the design for this kind of price and there are so many websites out there that specialise in mechanical and cosmetic parts for such a hardy modern/future classic. These cars make a great base for a track-day machine with a few tweaks mechanically, or make it looking sub-zero with a nice bumper change and some dazzling interior features.

Volkswagen Beetle

The BMW E36 is highly available on the market today but we don’t think their numbers are even close to a Beetle. Millions of 1st and 2nd generation models were produced, allowing you to find the right one and refurbish the car to your taste. Originality does not matter with these cars as their design is highly adaptable to any of your preferences. They can be dismantled easily and there are plenty of videos online with people performing repairs on them. You can make this car as subtle or as whacky as you want, as you know someone will be in the market for your taste if you ever look to sell it on.

Lancia Fulvia

Something a bit different here, an Italian 2 door coupe. Some cars at the top end of the market can be quite pricey, however, we have seen some examples online that range between £4-11k, that certainly look to be mechanically sound, but need some touching up here and there. Compared to the Alfa Romeo equivalent, they are somewhat rarer, but they have that Italian flair to turn heads wherever you go.

Tips When Working on a Project Car

  1. Determine how much work that needs to be done – Are you in the market for a rolling restoration or a full nut & bolt. Make sure you have the skills required to do all work in a safe and secure manner. Take notes and create a plan.
  2. A disassembled car will take up space – You will need around three times more dry storage than the car takes up.
  3. Order parts in advance to keep ahead of schedule – This will save you from twiddling your thumbs less,  waiting for parts can be frustrating, especially if the one’s you are looking for are hard to come by.
  4. Document your work – A good history of what work was done to the car will sustain the value if you choose to re-sell at some point.
  5. It’s not a race, it’s a passion – Take your time, make sure all those blood, sweat and tears count with everything you do.



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