By Mike Atwal
30th April 2020

Where Will You Go After Lockdown?

What will you do when you are allowed out to play? When all is back to normal, whenever that may be, it’ll be time to unleash your classic that has been obediently obeying lockdown rules to make up for lost miles.

What better way to rekindle your relationship (I mean with the car…surely you’ve had enough at home after months of lockdown)…than going on the road trip of a lifetime.

Here is some food for thought from us at Trade Classics!

For a UK based motoring affair, Scotland is breathtaking. Applecross is wonderful. But after lockdown, you might want a longer drive.

So how about hitting the road to Portugal. Take two weeks out and enjoy the beaches, local cuisine and then be daring and get yourself over to Morroco. That’s got you Googling now hasn’t it?

What about Vienna. Needs no introduction, but take a scenic route to Bucharest, stopping at Bran Castle in Transylvania on the way. I’ve been on some of that trip myself and it was one of the drives of my life; the castle is fabulous too.

Cruise across Europe and drop down into Greece. I can tell you a little place called Parga is wonderful…and the roads really are fabulous with lots of photo opportunities with the coast alongside you. The seafood is glorious too.

Sicily to Pizzo. Italy is a place of beauty, and we know that once it’s back to its former glory after its recent turmoil, it’ll be the road trip destination once again. Scenery, sexy cuisine and much more.

And if you haven’t already got your dream motor awaiting your right foot to unleash it, buy it!

Surely waiting for one day will no longer be part of our nature after we see the back of Coronavirus. Where will you go? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you don’t have the right vehicle right now, or are thinking about changing to something different, what about one of these cracking GT and sports cars available now:


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