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    911 (993) C2
    Reg. Date
    Arena Red
    Interior Colour
    Black / White
    Interior Trim
    Chassis #
    Engine #
    Pass - 02.2020
    HPi Clear
    Yes - Checking in Progress
    Former Keepers
    Tyre Tread
    Very Good
    Tyre Brand
    Tyre Age
    1 Year
    LHD or RHD
    Vehicle Visited
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    3 Years
    6288 times

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Post-Auction Sale – Sold after auction for £34,980 all inclusive.

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Recent Buyer Review – Simon Welsh on 1st May “Found my ideal 90’s sports car on Trade Classics. Living in Bournemouth and the car being in the Midlands I relied heavily on the advert, photos and videos.

On picking the car up I wasn’t disappointed. Everything was as it had been described. So I got straight into it and drove home. What a drive put a smile on my face.

Thanks very much Trade Classics and I’m now looking out for my next classic to add to the collection.”.

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Martin is a passionate Porsche enthusiast. He’s had around 10 in total on and off since 1995, this being his second 993 under his ownership.

After purchasing and conducting a 48,000-mile service, including a gearbox service along with the filters, brake overhaul and much more so the car was in tip-top condition.

He is looking to sell now as his wife would like a more day-to-day practical car that they can both enjoy, although Martin describes his predicament as being Porschless, and we really feel for him. Please watch the “Meet the Owner” video as we speak further with Martin about the car.



The looks absolutely stunning in its Arena Red coating. The bodywork looks as if it is carved by the wind and is in our opinion one of the best looking 911 derivatives. The pop-out whale tail spoiler is also a sight to behold on the last naturally aspirated 91. At the time, Porsche completely redesigned the sun roof that debuted on this model as the ‘greenhouse’ system that sits seamlessly underneath without you noticing.

Wheels & Tyres
Martin noticed the tyres perishing and recently has fitted the car with a full set of Michelin Pilot “Sport” tyres that have done around 100 miles, with the profiles of 205/50/17 & 255/50/15.

The 911 retains an excellent condition of the bodywork across the car, especially for the car’s mileage.

Martin has gone over the car to remove stone chips and start the polishing process. The paint looks good and even and a mop and polish form the new owner will have it looking tip-top.

Glass and Trim
Both are in excellent condition across the car.



The interior looks just as good as the outside. Laid out in the Porsche colour of Linen, the car wants to make the driver feel a sense of luxury on top of the thrilling experience you would get in the 993.

Seats and Carpets
The driver’s seats have the expected cracks of the car’s mileage but maintain a good condition with no rips or stitching problems. The black carpets look clean and are complemented with the dashboard above.

The black leather dashboard looks to be in good condition along with all dials and gauges

Steering Wheel / Gear Stick
Both are in excellent condition with no issues.



This is a fantastic drivers car that will give the new owner so much joy and enthusiasm. This car is the best mix of modern and classic out there giving you that authentic 911 experience with modern reliability. Martin has cared for this car extremely well and is looking forward to the owner to get behind the steering wheel. After purchasing the car Martin took the car to a specialist in Leeds in order to get the car to an excellent standard of drivability through service and repairs.

Engine and Gearbox
Please watch our video where Martin starts the car for us to see how the engine ticks over form cold. The car has a 3.6L naturally aspirated engine, air-cooled. Martin expresses that the Triptronic gearbox has been serviced, ensuring further reliability.

Suspension and Brakes
The brakes have been overhauled after Martin purchased the car and are now in great condition. Martin assures us the car drives really well with no unexpected bumps or rattles.

Electrics and Other
Just before cars were littered with electronic equipment that the interior holds a lot of simplicity to allow for pure driving. Martin assures us that all electrics and gauges work as expected, however.



With effectively one former keeper, Martin has a great example of a 911 that has a very good service history with the OPC in Newcastle, and with its last service taking place at Strasse, Leeds – a well established specialist centre also.

Service History

28.02.2020 – 78,060
26.07.2016 – 77,333
23.07.2014 – 75,754
23.07.2013 – 74,695
17.07.2012 – 74,310
13.07.2011 – 73,869
22.07.2010 – 73,278
15.07.2009 – 72,874
11.07.2008 – 71,781
09.08.2007 – 70,982
22.08.2006 – 69,061
01.09.2005 – 67,382
09.06.2004 – 64,355
02.06.2003 – 60,004
12.06.2002 – 52,042
11.07.2001 – 46,765
18.07.2000 – 38,496
24.08.1999 – 27,055
19.08.1998 – 17,141
08.12.1997 – 9,099
14.03.1997 – 2,603

HPi Check Results

– HPi clear – a new HPi check will be actioned and supplied by us.



If you’re a driver that simply loves to drive and you want arguably one of the best modern classics on the market then Martin’s fine example is the one for you. We personally believe the 993 is one of the best 911’s to ever grace the earth with touches of old and new that have been combined seamlessly throughout its design and functionality.

We would like to thank Martin for taking loads of photos of the car to ensure the confidence is there for you as a buyer and we are more than happy to help any further with enquiries.




This auction listing was written by Tom from information and media gained from Martin (owner and seller of the vehicle) and having reviewed all content gathered from our self-consignments process.

If you have any specific questions about the vehicle then please use the comments section below. Martin will receive a notification and will reply as soon as he can.

UsernameBid AmountDate MadeWinner
riz_tk£31,000.0006-May-2020 20:02:09 
JAYO£29,500.0006-May-2020 20:01:51 
michaelconnole£29,250.0006-May-2020 19:59:51 
JAYO£29,000.0006-May-2020 19:59:06 
michaelconnole£28,500.0006-May-2020 19:57:58 
riz_tk£28,250.0006-May-2020 19:53:56 
roxanne£28,000.0006-May-2020 19:48:48 
riz_tk£26,999.0006-May-2020 19:03:29 
TonyM£26,750.0006-May-2020 18:08:22 
Cubflyer£26,500.0006-May-2020 16:28:24 
riz_tk£26,250.0006-May-2020 15:28:25 
TonyM£26,000.0006-May-2020 15:20:30 
verbieride£25,000.0006-May-2020 15:07:59 
smiley£24,100.0006-May-2020 14:57:56 
roxanne£23,000.0006-May-2020 14:40:43 
riz_tk£21,300.0006-May-2020 14:25:57 
roxanne£21,000.0006-May-2020 08:54:02 
smiley£19,000.0006-May-2020 06:51:31 
Cubflyer£17,500.0005-May-2020 21:02:14 
riz_tk£17,250.0005-May-2020 20:13:32 
Penybryn£17,000.0005-May-2020 14:16:18 
verbieride£16,000.0005-May-2020 11:51:38 


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Interest in the Porsche a showing now a private sale?

Thanks John

Ashley burt
Ashley burt

Please confirm condition of the door seals. Video of internal suggests some wear / perishing ( however may just be video still image ?)
Also confirm that it was front screen that was removed and new rubber seal (by Strasberg)


Martin, can you let me know if any of the common issues with 993s exist – bubbling around the rear windscreen or headlights, faulty/failing door straps, oil leaks or problems with the suspension. Also, please confirm all the electrics are working. Apologies but for some reason I can only get sound on one of the videos posted, which is the first one where you speak about the cars history. I am a private buyer. May thanks

Simon Smithfield
Simon Smithfield

Managed to zoom in and appear purchase was 01-Jan-1997. Surprised as a public holiday?.

Simon Smithfield
Simon Smithfield

The description says you did something at 48000 miles but odo has 78000, please can this be expanded on. Second question has the car had any accident damage? Third, why was screen taken out i.e. was there a leak into the car. Lastly when did you actually buy the car and what was the mileage. Sorry for direct questions but am a private buyer. Many thanks.

Kulraj Salh
Kulraj Salh

Hi Simon, no accident damage reported or known. With regards the service, 48,000 is to identify the type of service that was completed, the mileage of the car at the time of that service was 78,000. A thorough service was conducted as the car hadn’t been used for around 4 years before Martin purchased. Hope that helps! Kulraj